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“Schools with Comments” search feature update (27000+ comments on over 1045 schools)

June 18, 2018

Our school profile search feature is one reason that makes International School Community unique. The search feature allows our members to search for the schools that best fit their specific criteria.

This fast and easy-to-use search feature also helps international school teachers find the school profile pages on our website that have some useful comments and information on them.  You can easily see how many comments have been submitted on each school profile page by looking to the right of each schools listed on the schools list page.


The “Schools with Comments” tick box feature is at the bottom of our school profile search box (see above picture).  If you only want to see school profiles that have comments on them in your search results, tick this box!  Then on the search results page, you will only see the schools that have comments. Genius!

Example: First we selected the East Asia in the Region drop down menu.  Then we selected China in the Country drop down menu.  Finally, we selected Shanghai in the City drop down menu.  But instead of getting ALL the school profile pages for schools in Shanghai, we put a tick next to the ‘schools with comments’ part before we pressed the Search button.

Here are the results of this search:


Search criteria with “Schools with Comments” checked: East Asia, China, Shanghai

As of 18 June 2018, 25 schools in Shanghai have had comments and information submitted on their school profile pages.

Log-on right now to our website and start your searches using our ‘schools with comments’ feature (which is available to all members).

Currently, we have 1048 schools that have had comments and information submitted on them. That’s around half of the 2043 schools that we have listed on our website!

It is also important to note that there are almost 28000 individual comments and information that have been submitted on our website.  All of these comments mean more informed teachers in our international school community!  We encourage all international school community members to share what they know by submitting comments on the international schools they currently work at or have worked at in the past. Why not become a Mayor of a school for unlimited free premium membership? Become a Mayor today!

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Traveling Around

Traveling Around: Zhouzhuang, China (The life of an international school teacher is good!)

June 11, 2018

Traveling Around: Zhouzhuang, China

Can you relate?

  • If you visit Shanghai take a day or two side trip to an ancient water town, there are many.
  • Take a canal cruise and have the boatswain sing to you.
  • Use a driver from Zhouzhuang 600RMB (Tom 150-5166 5990, lives in Zhouzhang and has a family), a driver from Shanghai 2000RMB.

  • Zhouzhuang makes it’s own beer and has a local distillery!
  • This town is difficult to find a C-Trip hotel. Anyplace to stay in the city is listed as a Historical Site. After we booked a hotel under construction the Mayor came to our rescue!
  • The lady in charge of tourism found a room for us with an older couple in the center of the preserved district for about 75RMB per night (including hot tea morning and night!)

  • Remember, no parking in this ancient city. This place was not designed for cars! Commercial hotels are outside the ancient boundaries.
  • Many artists with high quality artwork on sale on the streets of town. We got a great calligraphy by a struggling artist.
  • Fishermen use cormorants to fish in Lake Taishi thus the reason so many boathouses as boats and birds come to roost.
  • Zhouzhaung is known for the “double bridges”.

  • Chinese Opera House on the “Ancient Platform” rebuilt in the year 2000.
  • Many great silk shops, ties three for 60RMB
  • Shops that spin their own cotton and make clothing of all sizes!
  • Fantastic teapots made from stone!

  • Shen Wansan, the first millionaire in the Lower Yangtze is from Zhouzhuang!
  • Lot’s of walking around, many bridges, shops everywhere!
  • Many places to eat, traditional Chinese food with reasonable prices.

Currently, we have 197 international schools listed in China on International School Community. 132 of them have had comments submitted on them. Here are a few of those schools:

Access International Academy (Ningbo) 48 Comments
Beijing BISS International School67 Comments
Beijing International Bilingual Academy53 Comments
Canadian International School (Hong Kong)134 Comments
Changchun American International School 111 Comments
Concordia International School (Shanghai) 166 Comments
Guangzhou Nanfang International School – 163 Comments
Hong Kong International School – 127 Comments
Kang Chiao International School (Kunshan) – 81 Comments
Keystone Academy – 94 Comments
QSI International School of Dongguan – 64 Comments

If you are on a trip right now, away from your host country, write to us here with your “Can you relate?” traveling experiences.  Tell us where you are traveling in the world, what you are seeing and how you are coping with any culture shock.  Once your Traveling Around experience is posted on our blog, International School Community will give you 1 free year of premium membership!

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Highlighted Articles

Side Gigs for Teachers on Holiday… and Beyond

June 1, 2018

side gigs

Regardless of where they teach, the sad fact remains that most teachers earn less than contemporaries with backgrounds in similar fields. School holidays provide prime opportunities to earn more money to save for a house, travel, pay down bills, or stash away into a retirement fund. The following list includes ideas on how you can parlay your teaching skills into viable income whether during school breaks or school terms.

Sell Your Materials

You’ve created and taught lessons, curricula, and activities. Why not upload those plans to Teachers Pay Teachers or another online marketplace where teachers can purchase and sell their creations? Once you start, everything you sell generates passive income.

Write Curricula

In addition to education giants like Pearson, Houghton-Mifflin, and others, many companies who employ in-house curriculum writers also hire contract writers to pick up the slack. Some of these companies, who write curricula designed to be taught in different countries, occasionally hire experts familiar with a specific country’s culture and customs to advise on curriculum projects.

side gigs

Teach Anything Online

Qualified to teach levels other than those you’re teaching in a traditional classroom? Hook up with an online course. Many school districts offer online classes, and there are other online education sites seeking teachers in the primary and secondary school levels. Consider teaching higher education online, too, or connecting with an online tutoring service.

Take it a step further! If you’re teaching ELL abroad, you can also contract with various online platforms, like VIPkid, to teach English.


Love to write? Create a blog about your experiences teaching, living abroad, or any number of topics. You can partner with advertisers or affiliates, even sell products and services, and parlay a fun hobby into something that generates steady income. Or, you can write an eBook and share your expertise with others.

Start an Edtech

The global investment in edtech is set to reach $252 billion by 2020. You’ve already got your finger on the pulse of education. Why not contribute your observations to developing solutions that incorporate technological processes and resources to improve education?

Become a Test Scorer or Grader

Whether you live in the States or abroad, you can pick up side work for grading district or state exams and standardized tests. The Higher Ed remote job board is a good place to start.

side gigs

Work at a Museum 

If there’s a museum with exhibits in which you specialize, reach out to see if you can work as a docent or guide or perhaps collaborate with their staff to create and teach a class or two.

Write City Guides

Live in an area dependent upon the tourist trade? Travel and tourism and real estate businesses often contract writers to write neighborhood/city guides, information about amusements and entertainment, restaurants, transport, accommodations, and more.

Join Airbnb

If you’ve got the space to rent a room or you’re traveling for a month and don’t want your home untended, become an Airbnb host. It’s a neat way to generate income and meet new people.


Are you multilingual? Consider translation work. You can work with translation agencies or for a multinational company. Check out websites like for job listings.

side gigs

Creating the Perfect Home Workspace

If your side gig includes working from home — or you’re looking for a better atmosphere for grading papers and lesson prep — make sure you have a workspace carved out where you can work without distractions. Set office hours so your family knows your schedule, too.

A good, usable workspace should have proper lighting, a solid table or desk, laptop or desktop, a comfy chair, and printer. If you’re working from multiple documents or have many tabs open at once, splurge for a second monitor to save your eyes and sanity.

Extra Credit

Whether you’re looking for a second gig related to your career or something completely new, there’s a wide variety of options available. You’re blessed with a skill set that lets you explore many opportunities — whether you want to expand your current knowledge or learn something completely new!

This article was submitted by guest author and ISC Member, Jenny Wise. She created Special Home Educator as a forum for sharing her adventures in homeschooling and connecting with other homeschooling families.

Photo Credit:

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ISCommunity Milestones

Over This Spring We’ve Had 3000 New Comments For a Total of 27000 on ISC!

May 30, 2018

It’s true, our website now has over 27000 comments!


Here is a bit of history about how many comments that we have had on our website since it started back in January 2011:

0 Comments – January 2011
71 Comments – May 2011
939 Comments – September 2011

2147 Comments – January 2012
4578 Comments – May 2012
5965 Comments – September 2012

6767 Comments – January 2013
8004 Comments – May 2013
9109 Comments – September 2013

10018 Comments – January 2014
10689 Comments – May 2014
11455 Comments – Sept 2014

12981 Comments – Feb 2015
15023 Comments – Nov 2015
16017 Comments – Feb 2016

18000 Comments – Sept 2016
19000 Comments – Dec 2016
20200 Comments – March 2017

22010 Comments – August 2017
23000 Comments – November 2017
24000 Comments – January 2018

27000 Comments – May 2018

We would like to formally thank our community of members (now at over 13500!) for submitting all of the comments on our website.  The more comments there are, the more informed our members will be.  Being well-informed is especially important when you are recruiting and really needing to know specific information about the international schools you are considering. International School Community’s goal is to be the ‘go-to’ website for international school teachers!

Want to view all these 27000+ comments?  Check out our Browse All Comments page (viewable by basic and premium members).


Got a few minutes, login to our website today and submit some comments about the schools you know about! For every 10 comments you submit, one free month of premium membership will be added to your account!

Are you an international school teacher that wants to submit some comments but currently don’t have premium membership? Consider being a Mayor of a school you know about.  Check out the details here.  All Mayors get unlimited premium membership to our website!

We definitely would like to thank all of our current 430+ Mayors for their role in helping us get to 27000+ total comments on our website.


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Take Our Survey and Win One Year of Premium Membership

May 19, 2018


International School Community’s mission is to be the go-to website for international school teachers wanting to find everything to do with working at international schools around the world.

We need your help to make sure we are being the best we can be.

Please consider taking our survey. It should take around 10 minutes. All participants that submit a detailed, completed survey will be entered into a contest. Three people who have really detailed comments will win one free year of premium membership to our website!


We’ll contact the winners on 06 June, 2018 via email. Please write to us here if you have any questions or concerns.

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