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  • Okinawa International School

    24 Mar (4 new comments)

    "Visit local beaches and enjoy the beauty of Okinawa as much as you can. "

  • Fundacion Liceo Ingles (Pereira)

    24 Mar (3 new comments)

    "Teachers tend to travel inside of Colombia to places like Santa Marta or Cartagena during holidays. Its possible to visit other countries nearby like Ecuador or Peru without incurr..."

  • Utahloy International School (Zengcheng)

    23 Mar (23 new comments)

    "Teachers are expected to keep ManageBac units up to date, as well as use this platform for teaching and keeping track of learner progress. These units are then updated from year-to..."

  • St. Paul American School of Hanoi

    22 Mar (13 new comments)

    "Teachers can coach sports or be an activities sponsor for extra money through the school."

  • IGB International School

    17 Mar (10 new comments)

    "Healthcare in Malaysia is excellent. The school's health insurance used to be excellent. Now it is ok. For minor issues it is generally better to go to a local clinic than to ..."

  • American Cooperative School of Tunis

    16 Mar (3 new comments)

    "There are lots of strays so taking your dog out can be a challenge. The school will get you a house with a patio if desired, by the beach, so you can keep the dog inside."

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