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  • Berda Claude International School

    29 Nov (3 new comments)

    "No, no way. Teachers are expected to work through the holidays running summer camps or just 'in'. I've never experienced anything like this."

  • Columbus School Medellin

    28 Nov (2 new comments)

    " The low salary they pay will allow you to live comfortably in Colombia, BUT it won't be enough if you want to travel abroad or save. "

  • United Nations International School (Vietnam)

    28 Nov (5 new comments)

    "10% annually from base salary."

  • Western Academy of Beijing

    28 Nov (5 new comments)

    "1:1 device school in ES, MS and HS. ES iPads are provided by the school, in MS students have to bring their own MacBook. Microsoft Teams is used by staff."

  • International School of Zanzibar

    27 Nov (3 new comments)

    "Teachers often travel domestically during holidays. Tanzania has so much to explore! There are amazing nature reserves and games parks (Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Selous, Ruaha, Arush..."

  • Branksome Hall Asia

    27 Nov (2 new comments)

    "The student population is growing, BHA announced last week that they will also be opening a new All-Boys school on the campus and plans are in motion for that to begin next year"

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