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  • EtonHouse International School (Singapore)

    22 Feb (6 new comments)

    "Depending on your subject area, there is a good chance you will be allocated classes not in your speciality or training area in order to "fill your timetable." Examples o..."

  • Istanbul International Community School

    20 Feb (1 new comments)

    "Salary scale proportional to years of experience, plus a 3-year bonus if you have a master's or a second graduate degree. As of today, 3.5-5k USD/month after taxes (paid in US..."

  • Keystone Academy

    20 Feb (2 new comments)

    "you contribute about 2500 ish RMB a month out of your salary each month to contribute to the Chinese social system. You can't access it until you leave China for good but it i..."

  • Colegio Nueva Granada

    19 Feb (1 new comments)

    "You will be paid a loan of approx. 2000 USD +- for 10 months as well as a prorated ammount of pesos. The contract structure is difficult to understand and it would be wise to ask a..."

  • American School of Quito

    19 Feb (11 new comments)

    "The airport is about 30 minutes from Quito. The cost to get there by taxi is $25. "

  • Hong Kong International School

    18 Feb (1 new comments)

    "Depending on where you’re coming from, your pet could end up having to do a mandatory four month long quarantine upon entry."

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