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  • Sant Anna American International School

    18 Aug (2 new comments)

    "Sant'Anna is Accredited by Cognia since 2009. "

  • The British School of Tashkent

    16 Aug (2 new comments)

    "For the academic year 2022/23 the school is making Differentiation in the Classroom a priority area for development.
    Staff have received multi-day inset training.

  • Alice Smith School

    15 Aug (1 new comments)

    "The School is great at helping you set up a local account when you arrive but, as per the previous comment, don't transfer funds using the bank as it's expensive."

  • American International School Dhaka

    14 Aug (6 new comments)

    "As per the contract, each teacher must commit to 2 After School Activities (ASA) per contract year. You will be paid a stipend for each ASA. that you lead/run."

  • Shanghai American School (Pudong)

    14 Aug (1 new comments)

    "It is a school that values its 'image'. ( I am an Asian American) I had an interview right before COVID and even though I was told that I had more than enough experienc..."

  • Changchun American International School

    14 Aug (11 new comments)

    "Besides a few parks, there isn't much."

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