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  • Cambridge School of Bucharest

    20 Sep (2 new comments)

    "The school has a great sense of community. Bucharest is an easy and amazing city to live in."

  • Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro

    19 Sep (2 new comments)

    "The school is an IB PYP and DP authorized school that also offers the American and Brazilian Diplomas."

  • Kingston International School (Hong Kong)

    18 Sep (5 new comments)

    "The class size varies from level to level but falls between 14-25 students per class, with year 6 being the latter. Each class has an English and a Chinese teacher guiding the clas..."

  • British School Jakarta

    18 Sep (18 new comments)

    "Traffic! Often floods during rainy weather."

  • University Prep

    11 Sep (11 new comments)

    "This is a private local school that has international staff and some international students, however it is not marketed as an international school. Compared to other private school..."

  • Kazakhstan International School

    10 Sep (3 new comments)

    "A combination of local and international teachers work here. "

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