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School Information

Describe their hiring policies and procedures. Share your interview experience. Any hiring restrictions? is there a particular curriculum experience required? How about single parents/number of dependents sponsored?

"CIS attends Search fairs. I was hired by a Skype interview."

School Information

Describe school's location in relation to the city center and to the teacher's housing. How do staff get to school before and after school?

"A public bus runs to Houshayu subway stop on line 15. Takes about 20 minutes."

Albanian College Tirana

Tirana, Albania

School Information

Recent things that the school has taken on (i.e. new curriculum, specific professional development, etc.).

"Just like their campus in Durres, the entire leadership team and a number of staff have left or been fired in the past 2 months over summer! Be very careful before coming here. "

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Describe the technologies available at the school and how people are/are not using them.

"There are SMART boards throughout the Elementary School."

Robert College of Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

School Information

What controversies have been happening lately? Please be objective.

"Robert College sponsored a LGBTQ Week with talks, displays and other awareness projects and they received some bad press from a conservative newspaper."

School Information

How is the school calendar? Is there ample vacation time?

"The school year here is long. The days are also long. Mandatory 7:30 - 4:30 daily. "

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Describe the different aspects of the school building and the school grounds. Also, describe the surrounding area around the campus.

"AAS is located at the foot of Vitosha mountain near Pancharevo Village in an area with nice scenery and new homes."

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Is the student population declining, staying the same or increasing? Give details why.

"The student population's decline is flattening to a new normal. Our admissions team is doing a great job finding more local families who would be a good fit."

Hong Kong Academy

Hong Kong, China

School Information

What are the airports like in this city? (arriving, departing, shopping, customs, etc.)

"If you have a Hong Kong ID card you just go straight through. The airport is nice enough as an airport, and I have never queued for anything much..... except for luggage on the way back which can take a while. Mostly top end shops... you have to search for water. Food choice is pretty poor."

School Information

What are some things that you need to buy/pay for when you first arrive at the school that you didn't know about beforehand?

"Apartments are furnished so only if you fancy something like a heater since it can be very cold there."

School Information

Are the expectations high of teaching staff? Are there extra curricular responsibilities? Describe workload details.

"Teachers’ duties, in common with most schools, involve teaching, attendance at meetings with staff and parents, some professional development work, supervision, preparation and marking, and offering some extra-curricular activity to students."

The American School of Kinshasa

Kinshasa, Congo (DRC)

School Information

What insider information would you give to a teacher considering working at this school?

"Do not expect to save money at all. The school is currently in the black - at the teachers' expense. Teachers pay for internet, mobile phones, vehicle rental (minimum $15 per outing), drivers ($5/hr), and even gardeners for school grounds. Salary is comparable to other sub-saharan countries, but the cost of living is extremely high."