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Green Oasis School

Shenzhen, China

School Information

What insider information would you give to a teacher considering working at this school?

"If considering a position in primary, ask at interview how much of a team ethic is evident, Ask for examples."

School Information

In general, why are people staying at or leaving this school?

"Germany is a wonderful place to live. Many stay because the school is good, the pay is good (for Europe). Travel is fantastic & easy. "

Alice Smith School

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

School Information

What does the school do to create a harmonious state of well-being and high morale amongst its staff?

"Has a group that meets with the Principals of each campus on a regular basis. Has just started working on DEI. Starting to ensure non-teaching staff feel more valued"

American School of Durango

Durango, Mexico

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What are some locals customs (regarding eating, drinking and going out, family, socializing, etc.) that you find interesting for expats to know about?

"There is a local church very close to the main campus (Analco) where we used to lived. They have a lot of religious festivities throughout the year and they use fireworks at 6 am. Don't panic!"

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In general, describe the demeanor of the students.

"The kids are generally eager and happy to be at school. They have a strong sense of school pride and help each other in many ways."

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What types of accreditation does this school have? When is the accreditation up for renewal? Any religious affiliations?

"DISK is working on accreditation with WASC, They were to do the initial visit before the end of this year, then COVID-19 messed it up. We expect them in September"

Dwight School Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

School Information

Describe school's location in relation to the city center and to the teacher's housing. How do staff get to school before and after school?

"If you have a family you will live in World Cup Stadium, close to the school. It is within 10 minutes walk. If you are single or married without children, be prepared to live far away from Seoul\'s city center in Ilsan. Ilsan is 20 minutes drive from the school and about an hour to Seoul\'s city center by metro. "

Colegio Internacional de Carabobo

Carabobo, Venezuela

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Average monthly salary after taxes and in what currency (explain taxation situation). How often do you get paid throughout the year?

"Last year teachers were paid USD in four lump sums. It was weird but good for people who like to invest and are good at budgeting. "

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Pension plan details.

"Currently the school does not offer a retirement scheme for teachers."

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Details about the current teacher appraisal process.

"Not in place yet, but it seems we'll have class observations next academic year as part of the teacher appraisal process. "

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Professional development allowance details.

"The school provides free IB training for teachers."

American School Valencia

Valencia, Spain

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Detailed info about lifestyles: singles vs. couples, gay vs. straight, nightlife vs. quiet and big city vs nature.

"There are a lot of beautiful parks in the city and greenery. "