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Cheongna Dalton School

Incheon, South Korea

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What types of budgets do classroom teachers/departments get?

"The administration is currently working on developing a published "budget" for departments and divisions. Currently the school supplies basic needs like board markers, construction paper, markers, etc. through a order through division directors for each term. Beyond the basics, teachers are encouraged to fill out a purchase proposal fo..."

Bahrain Bayan School

Isa Town, Bahrain

School Information

Describe what kinds of teachers work here (local vs. expat, qualifications [or lack there of], etc.) and staff turnover rate. Is there a native English speaker or nationality requirement? Is it LGBT friendly country/school?

"About half of the teachers are from Kuwait."

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Describe proximity of major airport hubs to the city center and give sample taxi, train, subway and/or bus fares to get there.

"There is a direct bus to and from Kansai International Airport just two blocks from the school. It's cheap, clean, fast, and runs frequently. Can't get much better than that! "

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Describe the city's weather at different times of the year.

"It is hot much of the year. A little less so during the rains, from when you arrive in August until October and maybe again in end of May. Winter (Jan-March) also cool, but outside of those seasons it can go up to 45 celsius!"

NIST International School

Bangkok, Thailand

School Information

Recent things that the school has taken on (i.e. new curriculum, specific professional development, etc.).

"Over the past two years a strong focus has been placed on the school's overall definition of learning, reading and writing in the elementary section, and mathematics. To support this, several experts have spent time working with the teachers: Pam Harper, Debbie Miller, Stephanie Harvey, Matt Glover and others. The school has also hired seve..."

Orchlon School

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Name some special things about this school that makes it unique.

"The last time the school won "best school in Ulaanbaatar was 2006". It's famous for accepting rich parents' students who flunk out at other schools. Students know that they can study hard or do nothing and they still graduate from Orchlon. It's all about putting students in chairs, receiving their tuition and then pas..."

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Details about the current teacher appraisal process.

"It seems to change with every new administrator."

International School of Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

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Sample prices for food, transportation, average hourly rates for a housekeeper, etc.

"A meal out in a restaurant here in Iceland will likely cost you between 3000-4000 ISK. That is only for the main dish mind you. Luckily, the food quality is very high and most likely you will be pleased with your meal. "

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Is the student population declining, staying the same or increasing? Give details why.

"The school is oversubscribed every year. The international population is increasing especially in the Diploma (sixth form) section, particularly with the new school residence."

Bishkek International School

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

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Describe the city's weather at different times of the year.

"Bishkek goes through all four seasons in a strong sense. In the winter, it can get to -20 with strong winds. Springtime starts with mud, but is then beautiful. Springtime is the ideal time to hike, before it gets too hot. Summer starts to heat up in May, and will regularly by 30+. Fall is similar to spring - very temperate. Fall and winter like ..."

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Describe their hiring policies and procedures. Share your interview experience. Any hiring restrictions? is there a particular curriculum experience required? How about single parents/number of dependents sponsored?

"We have found that when new administration come on board, they often hire teachers from their past schools. Not exclusively, but that trend has been noticed."

American School of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

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Explain how salaries are decided (e.g. is there a pay schedule? extra step for masters degree? Annual pay raises? Bonuses?).

"We finally the 2% cost of living increase to be put onto our current paycheck. We also got paid retroactively for the past months when we should have had that 2% increase."