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School Information

Pension plan details.

"No pension plan. "

School Information

Describe proximity of major airport hubs to the city center and give sample taxi, train, subway and/or bus fares to get there.

"From the airport, you can take a taxi or a microlet (small van/bus) anywhere in the city. To get a microlet you would need to walk to the main road. Microlets are about 25 cents, and a taxi from the city center would be about $5-8."

International School of Tanganyika

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

School Information

What does the school do to create a harmonious state of well-being and high morale amongst its staff?

"Can't think of much. In particular there is quite a divide between elementary and secondary teachers, because of the different campuses. There are staff parties several times a year, and some whole campus meetings, but as a whole, unless you live in housing in the same area, there is little mixing of the campuses. The admin seems to be i..."

School Information

Details about the maternity benefits of the host country and school.

"no proper leave policy"

Ican British International School

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

School Information

What types of sports programs and activities does the school offer?

"Ice-skating is a new addition to the list below... They try to accommodate the students interests "

Rabat American School

Rabat, Morocco

School Information

Describe what kinds of teachers work here (local vs. expat, qualifications [or lack there of], etc.) and staff turnover rate. Is there a native English speaker or nationality requirement? Is it LGBT friendly country/school?

"1/2 of the teachers are American."

School Information

Locations in the city geared towards the expat lifestyle (grocery stores, bars, etc.).

"Expats are usually allowed in night clubs soon after arriving at the gates of these clubs as long as they are all well dressed and not wearing tennis shoes or jeans. "

Colegio Colombo Britanico

Cali, Colombia

School Information

Describe school's location in relation to the city center and to the teacher's housing. How do staff get to school before and after school?

"The school is located in the south of cali."

School Information

Describe the different aspects of the school building and the school grounds. Also, describe the surrounding area around the campus.

"The campus is in the countryside with gorgeous views of the Alps. the Jura and Lake Geneva. It is surrounded by apple orchards, vineyards (and wineries) and cows."

Seoul Foreign School

Seoul, South Korea

School Information

Health insurance and medical benefits. Describe your experiences using these benefits and going to the local hospitals.

"We use Cigna. Coverage is not great and you have a $500 deductible ($1500 for a family). You also have a copay for visits and prescription."

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In general, describe the demeanor of the students.

"Great kids with a diverse population."

School Information

Describe the technologies available at the school and how people are/are not using them.

"Interactive whiteboards."