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Top 26 Schools With the Most Comments/Reviews on ISC (UPDATE)

February 4, 2018

Now there are 1007+ international schools that have had comments/reviews submitted on them on our website!

Once schools have over 70 submitted comments, then it is very likely that you will be able to see how a specific comment topic has changed (or not changed) over time; with all the comments being date stamped.


NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand

If there is more than one comment in a specific comment topic, the more recent comments either add on, compliment, or amend the previous comments.

A few of our schools that have many submitted comments will sometimes have over 15 comments in one comment topic!


Copenhagen International School (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Just click on the “Show all” link to see the complete history of comments in this comment topic.

So let’s get to it, which schools are in the top 26 (from February 2018, with some including a sample comment)?

Here we go:

26. International School of Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 107 Comments
“There is a clear and structured pay scale. You enter it according to experience and qualifications, up to a maximum experience level. Within the school you receive an annual ‘step’ for every year of experience, plus there are usually small inflationary raises to the salary scale. Additionally stipends are paid for team leader responsibility. There are resigning bonuses after four years of employment.”

25. Stamford American International School (Singapore, Singapore)108 Comments

24. Fairview International School (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)111 Comments
“Teachers share their unit plans, but write their own lesson plan. All has to be submitted to the subject heads for vetting and approval.”

23. American School Foundation of Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Mexico)111 Comments

22. MEF International School Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey) – 120 Comments
“Teacher turnover is high. Everything from 1st year teachers, teachers new to being over seas, to very experienced international educators. Living in Istanbul is a big draw.”

21. American School of Asuncion (Asuncion, Paraguay)122 Comments

20. International School of Phapos (Phapos, Cyrpus) – 123 Comments
“State schools pay a lot more but it takes a lifetime for locals to be accepted it is strictly by seniority.”

19. Tsinghua International School (Beijing) (Beijing, China)126 Comments

18. Sekolah Victory Plus (Jakarta, Indonesia) – 127 Comments
“Due to new Indonesian regulations, all salaries must be paid in Rupiah. However, the school guarantees a portion of your salary (~30%) in USD calculated at the official rate each month. A sort of best of both worlds scenario.”

17. Hong Kong International School (Hong Kong, China)127 Comments

16. Canadian International School (Hong Kong) (Honk Kong, China)127 Comments
“Hong Kong is one of the major stops for big name concerts and theatrical productions. Tickets can be expensive, but some large music festivals, such as Clokkenflap and Party in the Park, are more reasonably priced.”

15. Bilkent Laboratory & International School (Ankara, Turkey)128 Comments

14. Rowad Alkhaleej International School (Dammam) (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)129 Comments
“Foreign hired teachers are given a furnished apartment in a company owned compound (built in 2014) right next to the school. Basic WiFi and cable TV are provided.”

13. Seoul Foreign School (Seoul, South Korea)133 Comments
“Tutoring through the school is available if it is not your student. The school takes a portion leaving you with about $20 for 30 minutes of tutoring. Coaching stipends from $350-900 and lifeguarding at the school pool can bring in 25-45 dollars an hour.”

12. Wycombe Abbey International School (Changzhou, China)140 Comments

11. Oeiras International School (Lisbon, Portugal) – 142 Comments
“Back in the re-accreditation mode again with the self study this year. The visit will be a joint visit next year with IB, ECIS and NEASC.”

10. International School of Dakar (Dakar, Senegal)144 Comments

9. Concordia International School (Shanghai) (Shanghai, China)154 Comments
“The “common language spoken in the hallways” depends on the grade level. Students who are only 3 or 4 might not have a lot of English. As the students get older, they are quite skilled in English.”

8. American School of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)160 Comments

7. Pechersk School International (Kyiv, Ukraine)162 Comments
“Apartments are furnished by landlords so it can vary – but generally pretty basic. School gave me a metro card and a SIM card and phone til I sorted out my own.”

6. International School of Tanganyika (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) – 171 Comments

5. KIS International School (Bangkok, Thailand) – 178 Comments
“Using a mobile is now so cheap that many teachers do not have a landline. The Satellite TV provider is dreadful, neither their offerings nor their boxes have changed in 20 years. If you want to watch sport most teachers just go to the pub.”

4. NIST International School (Bangkok, Thailand)210 Comments

3. Western International School of Shanghai (Shanghai, China) – 317 Comments
“Airport is okay. It’s clean and easy to navigate. Immigration can take a long time to get through at peek times during the year but it’s okay. They have water fountains, which as a frequent traveller I really appreciate.”

2. Copenhagen International School (Copenhagen, Denmark)321 Comments

1. Good Shephard International School – (Ooty, India) – 406 Comments
“Presently they are having their Trinity College London Music Examinations. This is an option but they try to maintain high grades although most students only take Initial to Grade 1 due to restrictions of the admin to practice music…”

You can see rest of the Top 40 school profile pages with the most comments here on our website.

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Over This Winter We’ve Had 1000 New Comments For a Total of 24000 on ISC!

January 15, 2018

It’s true, our website now has over 24000 comments!

new comments

Here is a bit of history about how many comments that we have had on our website since it started back in January 2011:

0 Comments – January 2011
71 Comments – May 2011
939 Comments – September 2011

2147 Comments – January 2012
4578 Comments – May 2012
5965 Comments – September 2012

6767 Comments – January 2013
8004 Comments – May 2013
9109 Comments – September 2013

10018 Comments – January 2014
10689 Comments – May 2014
11455 Comments – Sept 2014

12981 Comments – Feb 2015
15023 Comments – Nov 2015
16017 Comments – Feb 2016

18000 Comments – Sept 2016
19000 Comments – Dec 2016
20200 Comments – March 2017

22010 Comments – August 2017
23000 Comments – November 2017

We would like to formally thank our community of members (now at over 11950!) for submitting all of the comments on our website.  The more comments there are, the more informed our members will be.  Being well-informed is especially important when you are recruiting and really needing to know specific information about the international schools you are considering. International School Community’s goal is to be the ‘go-to’ website for international school teachers!

Want to view all these 24000+ comments?  Check out our Browse All Comments page (viewable by basic and premium members).

new comments

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We definitely would like to thank all of our current 330+ Mayors for their role in helping us get to 24000+ total comments on our website.


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48 Hours Of Unlimited Access For All + Last Two Days For Comments Contest

January 12, 2018

Are you an International School Community member that wants to submit some comments but currently doesn’t have premium membership?

premium membership

48 hours of Premium Membership Promotion: Right now EVERY member on our website has premium membership access for 48 hours. Just log on and enjoy free, full access to our website.
This 48 hours free promotion will expire on Sunday, 14 January, 2018 (11:59pm PST)

Don’t forget to submit comments during this time (which are done so anonymously, by the way) because we currently have a comments contest going on!

premium membership

The top six members that submit the most comments (during this January 2018 contest) will win prizes!

The lucky member that submits the most will receive an or gift card + 2 free years of premium membership to our website.

See more details and the rules about this comments contest here.

We want members who participate and share what they know to have free premium access to our website. For it is them that keep our website up to date and full of useful comments!

premium membership

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6. Check out our latest Job Vacancies (new feature)!

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Winter 2018 Comment Contest: Win a USD 25 Amazon Gift Card!

January 6, 2018

Following the good response we got during our last comments contest in August 2017, we would like to announce that we are offering a new contest this January 2018 as an incentive for our members to submit MANY comments.


Many of our members want more comments on more of the schools on our website, especially now as many people are in the midst of recruiting. In turn, why not have a strong push for more comments?!

The top six members that submit the most comments (during this January 2018 contest) will win prizes!

contestThe lucky member that submits the most will receive an or gift card + 2 free years of premium membership to our website.

Here are the prize details for all six winners:
1st place gets a USD 25 Amazon gift card (or 20 GBP) + 2 years of premium membership
2nd place gets 1.5 years of premium membership
3rd place gets 1 year of premium membership
4th place gets 1 year of premium membership
5th place gets six months of premium membership
6th place gets six months of premium membership

Contest Rules:
• Submit as many comments as you can about all the schools and cities you know about.

•  You need to submit at least 30 comments to be eligible for this contest and there are 65 comment topics on each school profile page. So if you’ve worked at three international schools, you can potentially submit over 195 comments!

• You will have ten days to submit your comments. The contest lasts from 06 January, 2018 (Saturday) to 15 January, 2018 (Monday, ending at 23:59 PST).  Only comments submitted during this time period will count in the contest. Winners will be notified by email on 16-17 January, 2018 (they will not be announced publicly).

Mayors are also able to participate in the contest!

Things to remember about submitting comments:
• Keep your comments useful and informative for other members. Each comment must contain at least one full sentence (no single-word/short-phrase comments are allowed). The more details, the better.
• All submitted comments on the school profile pages on our website are done so 100% anonymously.
• Repeated comments (submitting the same comment on multiple school profile pages or on the same school profile page) are not allowed.
• Copying and pasting another member’s comments is also not allowed.
• Leaving multiple comments in the same comment topic is not allowed (that is, if the comment dates are within the same days of the contest).
• Comments submitted on the School Walls don’t count in the contest.
• Don’t work at an international school right now? You can still submit comments in the City Information and Travel Information sections of the city you currently live in now or have lived in previously.
For every 10 comments you submit, you will still automatically get 1 month of premium membership added to your account.


So, who will win this contest??  How many comments will the top six members submit??  Good luck!

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Which Popular ISC Blog Articles Are in the Top 10 Most Viewed List?

January 4, 2018

Our blog gets hundreds of views every day. One time we had over 2200 views in one day!


ISC writes and publishes many of the articles on our blog, but we also have a growing number of member-submitted articles. These articles are submitted by people new to international teaching, seasoned international school educators, and those people that have retired from international education. Member-submitted articles come from parents, authors, directors, teachers, students, companies, etc.

Since 2011, the ISC blog has been viewed over 200,000 times! But which blog articles were the ones that our readers wanted to check out and read the most? We’ll start with #10 and move down to the most popular article on our blog.

#10 Top 10 Ways to Help New Students Transition at Your International School

“This time of year means Back-To-School for most kids, but for internationally mobile children it often means Start-A-New-School. A transition to a new school, country, language, and culture can be overwhelming, and children need time to adjust. Teachers…”

#9 Comparing the Schools and Comments: Working in Bangkok, Thailand

“In 2012 the school implemented the Literacy by Design program for K3 – Grade 4, and the IB Diploma Programme in 2013. It also began scheduling more consistent weekly professional development meetings in 2013, including WASC focus and home group sessions, and grade-level meetings. As of 2012, it joined EARCOS and now regularly sends its staff to the annual conferences…”


#8 Comparing the Schools and Comments: Working in Shanghai, China

“The full salary is paid in RMB. The school adds an extra 500 RMB towards utility bills. The yearly pay is divided into 12 months. For newcomers, their first pay is in September 20th, although school starts early August. This is clearly stated in the contract but those new teachers coming in need to be aware of this that they won’t see money until September…”

#7 How NOT to save money when working as an international school teacher #3: Send money home every month (Mortgage, College Debt, etc.)

“Not all teachers decide to move abroad because they have a sense for adventure. It is because they need to save some money to pay off their debts; which we all know is something hard to accomplish as a teacher back in your home country…”

#6 Top 10 reasons why summer vacation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for an international school teacher

“One of the best things about being an international school teacher is that we have the ability to travel, sometimes much more than if we were teaching in our home country.  *Some items in this list are meant to be “tongue-in-cheek” and making fun of our “first world people problems” that we sometimes experience while traveling around the world. Of course we love this ability to travel and appreciate every minute of it…”


#5 Comparing the Schools and Comments: Working in Kuala Lumpur

“The school’s workload is average. We certainly hear of neighboring (similar caliber) schools who expect a lot more out of their teaching staff. In addition to a normal teaching day, teachers also are expected to lead 2 after school activities (running 10 weeks long each) per year. Coaching satisfies this requirement. This is standard for international schools in Malaysia, as the government requires schools to offer ASAs. Some teachers work…”

#4 Comparing the Schools and Comments: Working in Singapore

“The 2 campuses are in the west side and east side of the city. The west side, Lakeside, is on the MRT line that will go into the city centre. The east coast campus, Tanjong Katong, you need to take a bus to the MRT which will then go into the city. The bus will also take you into downtown within about half an hour to 40 mins depending on where you live. Most…”

#3 Top 10 Things a Recruiting Int’l Teacher is 😟 Worrying About in November

“Yes, it is November and many international school teachers are already thinking about the next school year (18-19). Actually, many of these teachers started recruiting back in September or August! It is necessary to recruit this early because international schools seem to be hiring earlier and earlier every year. Additionally, the international school recruitment fairs are also requiring candidates to have already applied to attend their fairs by now; by November you are most likely too late to apply to attend one (especially the ones in Bangkok)…”


#2 Top Ten Tips For International School Teachers To Build A Solid Retirement

“Many international school teachers don’t think enough about retirement.  And that’s understandable.  The whole concept can seem confusing.  Andrew Hallam, however, says it isn’t.  He says that those who fail to plan are planning to fail. That could mean eating dog food instead of gourmet, during your golden years…”

#1 Top 10 Character Traits of a Seasoned International School Teacher

“A seasoned international school teacher (SIST) has worked at 3+ international schools in more than three parts of the world (or more).  They know the ins and outs of international schools.  They now have many old friends (from international schools that they’ve worked at) that have since moved on and now live in all parts of the world.  Many teachers say that they originally meant to be abroad for only 2-3 years, but once you get into the international school community, it is easy to get hooked…”

Keep checking out our blog every week. We typically post a new article every 3-6 days. If you are interested in submitting an article to our blog as a guest author, email us at editor @ . All guest authors receive between 6-12 months of free premium membership to our website!

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