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12 Submitted Comments About the “Excellent” Parts of Working at International Schools

September 12, 2017

International School Community is full of tens of thousands of useful, informative comments…22211 comments (12 Sept. 2017) to be exact.


Members are recommended to keep their comments objective on our website and share what they know about what it is like working at a specific international school.

We scoured our database of comments, and we found 12 that stood out to us as being some of the most interesting and useful ones related to the “excellent” parts of working at international schools from across the globe.

12. Health insurance and medical benefits. Describe your experiences using these benefits and going to the local hospitals.

“Currently, insurance is through Scholars International. Coverage for medical care in the United States is something like 70% (not great) but outside of the US, coverage is great. Local hospitals are excellent and many teachers have surgeries, medical treatments (including cancer treatments), ect here in Korea. Our school is close to an amazing International Hospital, Severance Hospital at Yonsei University. Many other hospitals in the area are also well-known and provide excellent care!” – Seoul Foreign School (South Korea, Seoul) – 133 Comments

11. Describe the different aspects of the school building and the school grounds. Also, describe the surrounding area around the campus.

“Keystone was built in 2013/14 as a purpose-built school. It looks like a New England or UK boarding school. It’s facilities are excellent. There is a fabulous performing arts centre, lots of meeting areas and tons of classrooms. The sports facilities are also top-notch. The grounds are well-kept. The staff apartments are spacious and well-appointed. There are separate primary and middle/high school buildings as well as the sports hall, residences and the performing arts centre. The management is also upgrading and maintaining facilities as needed. The surrounding area is very suburban. This is not downtown Beijing. There are grocery stores close by as well as a couple of small shopping malls. There are stores catering to expats nearby too.” – Keystone Academy (China, Beijing) – 54 Comments

10. Name some special things about this school that makes it unique.

“Since 2010 there have been 2 Head Teachers, 2 Primary Heads and 2 Deputy Heads due to overarching management cost cutting and general incompetencies. As well as massive staff turnovers. People see out their contracts and don’t renew because money, housing and work life balance are better at other schools. However that being said, the teachers at the school both primary and secondary are excellent teachers. Very social, helpful and happy. They bind together and get along well. The teachers that have left have gone into fantastic things, probably because of the chaos that comes from management, has built these people to make it in the real world. Lasting friendships between the teachers and everyone looks after everyone. I did enjoy the comradary here.” – Jumeira Baccalaureate School (United Arab Emirates, Dubai) – 104 Comments

9. How have certain things improved since you started working there?

“The Academic Registrar for the past two years has done much to review, simplify and streamline processes. She has also maintained – latterly when support has been lacking – almost single-handedly excellent relations with staff, parents, students and the expatriate community when helping to market the school.” – The International School of Sanya (China, Sanya) – 29 Comments


8.Describe the different aspects of the school building and the school grounds. Also, describe the surrounding area around the campus..

“The school has a wonderful multistory building with fully equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science laboratories. There is a gymnasium and multi cuisine food court as well. The auditorium of the school is excellent with a seating capacity of around 800.” – Gandhi Memorial International School (Indonesia, Jakarta) – 6 Comments

7. What types of sports programs and activities does the school offer? 

“Football is the main sport and both boys and girls are involved in football. Also basketball is popular, The school has excellent facilities.” – Colegio Los Nogales Bogota (Colombia, Bogota) – 33 Comments

6. In general, describe the demeanor of the students.

“Generally, excellent. 2013’s comment still stands; Wells is fortunate to have students from not the “richest” families of Bangkok, so a degree of humbleness still exists in most.” – Wells International School (Thailand) (Thailand, Bangkok) – 55 Comments


5. Health insurance and medical benefits. Describe your experiences using these benefits and going to the local hospitals.

“Health insurance provided. Taiwan has excellent and affordable national health insurance.” – Ivy Collegiate Academy (Taiwan, Taichung City) – 41 Comments

4. What insider information would you give to a teacher considering working at this school?

“This is a good place to be in. The working atmosphere is excellent and as teachers we can do and suggest many things in order to help with the school’s normal development. We have reached to a point were we are stable in terms of foreign staff and locals do everything they can to help foreign teachers to feel as comfortable as possible.” – Changchun American International School (China, Changchun) – 71 Comments

3. Describe proximity of major airport hubs to the city center and give sample taxi, train, subway and/or bus fares to get there.

“Hong Kong has excellent public transport. You can check in at IFC in Central or Kowloon half a day before the flight and then take your time shopping, eating, or sightseeing. The express train to the airport is quick, comfortable, and inexpensive. There are numerous buses and the MTR. As well, taxis are readily available, as are hire cars.” – Canadian International School (Hong Kong) (China, Hong Kong) – 111 Comments

2. Describe what kinds of teachers work here (local vs. expat, nationality, qualifications [or lack there of], etc.) and staff turnover rate.

“More local teachers than expat. There are approximately 15-20 American teachers working at the school. Local teachers speak excellent English and are great colleagues.” – American School of Belo Horizonte (Brazil, Belo Horizonte) – 46 Comments

1. How is this school different or the same when compared to schools in your home country?

“Compared to teaching in the UK this is a dream, as long as you are prepared for the culture shock of living in a small village of thirteen million. Small classes, good behaviour and a genuine interest in study, excellent resources, great quality of life. Admin is less than in the UK although it is creeping up. Some of it good, some of it of limited value (just like the UK). I enjoy my teaching and the travel opportunities this place offers.” – Wellington College International Tianjin (China, Tianjin) – 54 Comments

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Become the ‘Mayor’ of Your School and Get Unlimited Premium Membership!

September 7, 2017

images (2)Our mission for the International School Community website is to have the most updated information about what it is like to work at the numerous international schools around the world. One way to help us achieve that mission is to have Mayors.

Being a Mayor is super easy, and the best part is that you get unlimited free premium membership to our website!

Mayor responsibilities:

• Submit at least 3-6 new comments on your school every 1-2 months (on the 65 different comment topics)

• Make sure to check on your school’s Wall and occasionally post updates about their school (like new vacancies, any big changes to the school that are happening, etc.)

• Make sure that their school has the most updated and correct information (e.g. basic info, links, Facebook page, Youtube video, etc.) on the Overview and Social Media tabs.


Here are just a few of the almost 300+ schools that have a Mayor on our website:

Western International School of Shanghai (Shanghai, China) – 240 Comments
NIST International School (Bangkok, Thailand) – 167 Comments
Qatar Academy (Sidra) (Doha, Qatar)65 Comments
Canadian International School (Hong Kong) (Hong Kong, China)111 Comments
International School of Paphos (Paphos, Cyprus)105 Comments
Concordia International School (Shanghai) (Shanghai, China)134 Comments
Yongsan International School of Seoul (Seoul, South Korea) – 85 Comments
Copenhagen International School (Copenhagen, Denmark)316 Comments
Seoul Foreign School (Seoul, South Korea)133 Comments
American International School Dhaka (Dhaka, Bangladesh)52 Comments
International School of Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)107 Comments
Footprints International School (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)38 Comments
Hong Kong International School (Hong Kong, China)118 Comments

The more Mayors that we have on our website means the more our members will be informed; as there will be more up-to-date information on the schools they want to know about!

Become the Mayor of a school you work at (or have worked at) today!

Screenshot 2015-10-20 18.23.34

Please note that being the Mayor of a school is anonymous, and that all comments submitted on our website are also done so anonymously. Posting on the school profile page wall though is not anonymous.

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Comment Contest + Back 2 School Special: 48h Free Premium Access for All Members

August 4, 2017

Are you an International School Community member that wants to submit some comments but currently doesn’t have premium membership?


This 48 hours free promotion will expire on 6 August, 2017 (11:59pm PST)

48 hours of Premium Membership Promotion: During this long weekend only, all members can enjoy free premium access to our website!  That means that all members are able to access all the different pages on our website (e.g. the school profile pages, the member profiles, our comments search page, etc.).

Don’t forget to submit comments during this time (which are done so anonymously, by the way), though, because now is your chance to also earn some free premium membership. You get one free month of premium membership automatically added to your account for every 10 comments you submit (there is no limit!).

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FYI: There are 65 comment topics on each school profile page. If you submit a comment in all 65 comment topics for the school you currently work at or have worked at in the past, you will have earned yourself six months of premium membership! You will then continue to have premium membership once this promotion finishes.

We want give back to the members who participate and share what they know. For it is them that keep our website up to date and full of useful comments!


After you submit some comments, feel free to check out the other things you can do with premium membership access:
1. Leave a comment on a school profile page wall; maybe post a vacancy your school has right now.
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5. Contact one of our 10611+ members and use our Member Search feature to find someone to network or ask a question to.

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‘Back to School’ Comment Contest: Top 3 Comment-Submitters Win Amazon Gift Cards!

August 1, 2017

Following the good response we got during our last comments contest in January 2017, we would like to announce that we are offering a new contest this August 2017 as an incentive for our members to submit MANY comments.


Many of our members want more comments on more of the schools on our website, especially now as many people are just about to begin a new school year. In turn, why not have a strong push for more comments?!

The top 3 members that submit the most comments (during this August 2017 contest) will win prizes!

contestThose luckily three members will receive an or gift card + 1 free year of premium membership to our website (for each winner).

1st place gets a USD 35 gift card (or 28 GBP)
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So that ALL International School Community members can participate in this contest, here is a coupon code for 2 days of free premium membership: AUGCOMM16 You can enter this code here.

Contest Rules:
• Submit as many comments as you can about all the schools you know about.

•  You need to submit at least 30 comments to be eligible for this contest and there are 65 comment topics on each school profile page. So if you’ve worked at three international schools, you can potentially submit over 195 comments!

• You will have one week to submit your comments. The contest lasts from 01 August, 2017 (Tuesday) to 07 August, 2017 (Monday, ending at 23:59 PST).  Only comments submitted during this time period will count in the contest. Winners will be notified by email on 9-10 August, 2017 (they will not be announced publicly).

Mayors are also able to participate in the contest!

Things to remember about submitting comments:
• Keep your comments useful and informative for other members. Each comment must contain at least one full sentence (no single-word/short-phrase comments are allowed). The more details, the better.
• All submitted comments on the school profile pages on our website are done so 100% anonymously.
• Repeated comments (submitting the same comment on multiple school profile pages or on the same school profile page) are not allowed.
• Copying and pasting another member’s comments is also not allowed.
• Leaving multiple comments in the same comment topic is not allowed (that is, if the comment dates are within the same two weeks of the contest).
• Comments submitted on the School Walls don’t count in the contest.
• Don’t work at an international school right now? You can still submit comments in the City Information and Travel Information sections of the city you currently live in now or have lived in previously.
For every 10 comments you submit, you will still automatically get 1 month of premium membership added to your account.


So, who will win this contest??  How many comments will the top three members submit??  Good luck!

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Every member has FREE access to ALL comments on our website: The ‘Browse All Comments’ page! (UPDATE)

July 13, 2017

Sometimes it is fun to just see what life is like at all the international schools in the world.  Even if you don’t have the slightest interest in working at a specific international school or in a specific place in the world, you still might be curious to see what the benefits there are (for example).  Maybe you are curious about how the weather is there or what the city life is like.  We are also always curious to know what it is like to work at the school itself and how the campus really is.

In turn, the ‘Browse All Comments‘ page.


Right now we have a total of 21535 comments and information on 963+ international schools listed on our website (out of a total of 1972).

There are four comment sections on each school profile pages:

• School Information – Total Comments = 10636 (up 2253 comments from July 2016)
• Benefits Information – Total Comments = 7090 (up 904 comments from July 2016)
• City Information – Total Comments = 2712 (up 694 comments from July 2016)
• Travel Information – Total Comments = 1097 (up 293 comments from July 2016)


Want to see all these comments in ONE spot?  Now you can!

The ‘Browse All Comments‘ homepage will always be a random selection of 12 comments from our database of school profile comments.  To view the next 12 comments, just click on the ‘Browse next 12 comments’ button.  Continue clicking on that button to view all 21535+ comments on our website!

Have fun taking a look at all the comments and information that have been submitted by our over 10511 members.

Who knows? Maybe you will see a useful and/or interesting comment that will catch your attention.  If you find one, just click on the school’s name to go to its profile page where you can read even more comments that have been submitted on that school (available to premium members only).

Maybe you will be so interested that you will take a look at the school’s website and find a position vacancy that fits you perfectly.  We can only dream that would happen to us (never too soon to start networking for your next position)!

What are you waiting for then? Browse away!

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