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New Survey: Are you thinking of leaving your current post this year?

A new survey has arrived!

Topic:  Are you thinking of leaving your current post this year?


Yourself:  Am I leaving or am I staying? Am I leaving or am I staying?

Other colleagues: Are you leaving or are you staying?  Are you leaving or are you staying?

Director: Are you leaving or staying? I need to know now!

International schools in Asia already have had to let their schools know if they are leaving or staying for the 14-15 school year, but others (like ones in northern Europe) might not really have to give their notice until sometime in 2014.

Regardless of whether when you have to officially decide, this question is always on the mind of a circuit international school teachers.

Some of us say that you should stay at an international school between 3-6 years.  But as we all know, there are many of us that leave after only 1-2 years. I mean a normal international school teaching contract starts off as a two year one.

Some of us really like to plan ahead and decide you are leaving one whole school year before you plan to move, others of us like to wait until the last moment and decide to accept any penalties for any late leavers.  Sometimes the penalties outweigh the pros of moving to your new place, so that it fine with you…but it still does put the international school in a tough situation when they have to try and find somebody to fill your position on such short notice.

And it is not all about you that weighs in on this important decision, there are many other factors at play: money, location, love, career, travel, etc.

So, I am curious to see what are International School Community members doing this year.  Is the power going be in the hands of the international schools this year (too many candidates for the vacancies) or will the power be back into the candidates’ hands (too many vacancies for the available candidates)?

Who knows??!


So, go ahead and vote whether you are thinking of leaving your current post this year?  Go to the homepage of International School Community and submit your vote today!  You can check out the latest voting results here.