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Want to work at an international school in the Netherlands? – Tips for Expats in Holland

February 14, 2012

Life in Holland does indeed sound nice.  Riding your bike to work and watching the canals as you dart in and out of the streets of Amsterdam could be something very easy to get used to every morning.  The Insego website has highlighted some excellent tips that international teachers and their families could find very beneficial.  I wish there would be a resource like this on every country in the world!

We have highlighted some of the tips’ categories:

10 Tips for Unemployed Expats
“Whether you are an expat’s wife or you came here because you fell in love or you just moved to a foreign country looking for new opportunities, whatever the reason, you may find yourself without a job. Well, I’ve been there. Without a job I lost my professional identity and I didn’t like this feeling at all…”

Media for Expats in Holland
“One of the most popular discussions on Insego is finding out the cultural faux pas in The Netherlands. Faux pas is a French term which literally means “misstep”. But for most of us, it means defiance from accepted customs and traditions. Faux pas varies from different cultures. Some behavior might be acknowledged in one culture while it is a no-no for another.

Here are the collected comments from our members on what they think are the cultural faux pas in Netherlands…”

What are the most common issues faced by expatriates?
“Transferring to another country whether for work, personal expedition or reasons of the heart can be tough and challenging. Aside from difficulty in adjusting to the new environment and culture, we also struggle with homesickness, making new friends and for some, finding a job and raising kids. Being an expat is a tough call. See what your fellow expats struggle with and may their experiences act as your inspiration and encouragement that you are not alone. You share the same experiences with many other expats in the world, so don’t be totally dismayed…”

What are some cultural faux pas in The Netherlands?

  • Dutch News– Quality English-language news about the Netherlands.
  • Dutch Daily News – Covers, analyzes, comments on and defines the news, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and personalities that drive the Netherlands.
  • The biggest online English news and information provider for the international community in 11 European countries. It’s mission is to help Expats settle into their new country of residence. The content Expatica supplies covers various aspects of expat life, including relocation, culture, education, tax, immigration and local events.
  • IamExpat– Online media platform that covers the local needs of the expatriate population, plenty of practical information.
  • InterNations – Netherlands Expats Community, membership is invitation-only. Let us know if you want to join it, we will send the invitation.
  • RNW- Radio Netherlands Worldwide. daily news in English as well as daily Dutch press reviews, opinion articles and links to the radio programs
  • The Holland Times– News magazine covering Dutch current events and perspectives in the Netherlands.
  • The Hague Online News for expat communities in The Hague region, including reviews and regular listings of cultural and leisure events.
  • -Publisher of famous Holland Handbook and Xpat Journal.

Amsterdam, Holland

Currently there are 9 international schools listed in the Netherlands on International School Community. They are:

Rotterdam International Secondary School
American International School of Rotterdam
American School of the Hague
International School of the Hague
The British School of the Netherlands
British School of Amsterdam
International School Amsterdam
Amsterdam International Community School
International Secondary School Eindhoven

Check out their school profile pages on by clicking on the links above.  If you currently work at one of these schools or have worked at one in the past, share what you know by leaving some new comments and information on your school’s profile page today!  Out of our 281 members (since 14 Feb. 2012) we have one member that has listed that they work at or have worked at an international school in the Netherlands.

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American Overseas Schools Historical Society website

February 11, 2012

The overseas education of more than four million American children and youth since World War II is an unwritten chapter in the history of American education and represents the schooling of several generations under circumstances unique to human history.

Today the U. S. departments of Defense and State operate or assist more than 300 schools in over 100 foreign countries.  Additionally there are more than 600 private American owned or supported schools abroad.

The mission of AOSHS is to collect, record, and preserve the unique history of educating American children and youth abroad; and to enhance public knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the contributions made by American educators and their students in the advancement of democracy around the world.

The American Overseas Schools Archives (AOSA) was first established on the campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff in 1989. The AOSA is dedicated to preserving the history and memorabilia of the kindergarten through grade 12 education of an estimated 4 million American children who attended more than 900 American overseas schools over the past 150 years.

In 1995 the American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS) was incorporated as a non- profit IRS 501(c)(3) organization.  The AOSHS office and archives are located in Wichita, Kansas.

They even have a section called: Overseas Educator Information.  There is much information about the teachers that work at these schools.  There is a picture on this page showing a reunion of some overseas teachers in Japan.  How cool to be reunited with the colleagues that you worked with in another country a long time ago perhaps.  I know after being at my third schools now, I am already starting to lose touch with the teachers that I worked with at my first international school.

Antwerp, Belgium

One part of their website has all the American Overseas schools and their alumni associations listed alphabetically.  Some of the schools listed are:
American International School in Vienna
Asociacion Escuelas Lincoln
American International School of Kabul, Afghanistan
Antwerp International School (AIS)
American Cooperative School of La Paz

There are many, many more schools listed on their website here.

Most of the schools listed on the American Overseas Schools Historical Society website are also found on International School Community.  Some of the schools listed on our website can be found here (the number of comments and information submitted by our members is also listed next to each school’s link):

There are many, many more American international schools listed on our website which can be easily searched on our schools list page.
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Great Resource: Want to work at an international school in Hong Kong?

February 7, 2012

The Top Schools website ( has some excellent information about the many international schools in Hong Kong.

There are many international educators interested in working at these schools.  There are around 29 international schools listed on the Top Schools website.  Some of the international schools listed on their website are: Australian International School, Canadian International School, Kingston International School, German Swiss International School, etc…

Highlighted sections from their website:

“With 940 students, DBIS follows a curriculum based on that of the National Curriculum of England and Wales.  Admissions are non selective and students are drawn from the Discovery Bay community.  Demand for places is high and the school introduced a iPremium School Development Levy of HK$450,000 – s a means for parents to gain a “fast track” entry to the Kindergarten and Primary sections. Presumably, this means those that pay this premium levy get priority in the selection process.”

“A highly reputable school following an American-style curriculum. 58% of its students are American and 56% are Christian.  Debenture holders receive priority.  Lower Primary will be relocated for three academic years.  R2, Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes will relocate to an existing unused school building in Chai Wan. Click for detailed info on the relocation.”

“Opening September 2012.  The first international day and boarding school in Hong Kong. Operated by the Harrow International Group, Harrow International school is an arm of the 439-year old British school that educated Winston Churchill. The Hong Kong branch is the third in Asia. The others are in Beijing and Bangkok.  This is a full through-train school accepting students as young as 2.  Debentures sold out.  The first batch of individual debentures and individual capital certificates has been fully subscribed. Parents interested in ICCs and IDs, may apply to be put on the waiting list. The price of the second batch is yet to be determined.  Applicants may opt to pay the annual levy at $50,000/year – this is non-interest bearing, non-refundable and non-transferable.”

Currently, there are 17 international schools listed under Hong Kong on International School Community:

American International School (Hong Kong) ( 22 Comments)

Canadian International School (Hong Kong) ( 7 Comments)

Chinese International School

German Swiss International School ( 2 Comments)

Hong Kong Academy Primary School ( 14 Comments)

Hong Kong International School ( 2 Comments)

Independent School Foundation Academy ( 0 Comments)

Kennedy School ( 0 Comments)

Renaissance College Hong Kong ( 5 Comments)

The ISF Acadmey (Hong Kong) ( 0 Comments)

Japanese International School ( 0 Comments)

Singapore International School (Hong Kong) ( 7 Comments)

Diocesan Boys School ( 0 Comments)

Hong Lok Yuen International School ( 4 Comments)

Discovery College (Hong Kong) ( 5 Comments)

Yew Chung International School (Hong Kong) ( 8 Comments)

International Christian School (Hong Kong) ( 11 Comments)

Check out the latest comments and information that have been submitted on these schools or submit your own at International School Community.

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Great Resource

Great resource: HAYS – Recruiting Experts in Education (International Teaching)

February 5, 2012

Here is a summary of their organization and the services they offer:

Hays plc is the UK’s largest publicly listed recruitment group and a world leader in specialist recruitment.

The International division of Hays Education was founded in 2005. The aim of the division is to provide a first class recruitment service to all British and International Schools. Over the past few years we have grown significantly and now have a considerable portfolio of schools we work with across a number of continents.

Since our conception we have played a huge part in the movement of teachers all over the world. In addition to this, we keep a close eye on the ever-changing face of International schools, so we can continually offer a first class service. Our involvement with organizations such as the BSME enable us to build closer relationships with our schools as well as keep abreast of issues affecting schools globally.

They also have a job vacancy section which can be found here.


There is no better recommendation than the feedback we receive from schools we have worked with in the past. Read below a selection of comments headteachers have made about the service we provide.


Choosing to embark on an international teaching career is a life changing decision. Whether it is for the first time or tenth time the prospect of a new life in a foreign country can be as daunting as it is exciting. Click on the case studies on the left to share in others teachers frank observations on their own overseas experiences.


We work with many different schools around the world in their search for the best teachers. Click on our featured school to read more in depth about what to expect when you decide to make that jump into an international teaching career.

They also have a great section of their website describing the different regions that they service: Africa, South East Asia, Europe, Middle East, and South America.

Here is an example of the information they provide on the region of Africa.

Schools in Africa

Many of the schools we work with, started as very small private schools and have evolved considerably over the years, undertaking ambitious programmes of expansion and development. Many now boast superb facilities and offer a fine institute for employment. Schools in Africa reflect the UK year timetable with the man differences being the times school begins and finishes each day. Usually schools in Africa start earlier in the morning and finish early afternoon.

Standard package

The schools offer:

• Flights
• Accommodation
• Medical cover
• Varying salaries
• Other benefits depending on school
(Laptop, Phone, Car and driver etc)

In Northern African countries, such as Sudan many schools offer tax-free salaries and in many of these locations, where there is not a lot to spend your money on, teachers find they are able to save quite a percentage of their salary and also travel in and around Africa.

Other information

Safety is very important and most schools offered secured accommodation and schools. In addition to this, many schools offer secured transport for teachers to easily move about the cities and towns.

Like all international opportunities choosing to teach in Africa is a true-life adventure. Africa is a land whose climate of experience will both humble and enrich you. The land, the people and the culture will be a classroom within themselves and your experience will be come pages of a textbook you will use to teach in the future.

Check out the other information they provide about the other regions here.

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Great resource: Maps of world website and information about international schools

February 1, 2012

This website not surprisingly is an excellent resource for finding the map that best fits your needs, but it also oddly enough has some information about international schools.

There are at least two sections that we found that highlight the international schools in specific locations around world.  We would like to highlight those two sections.


Singapore International Schools

“In order to make education easily available to the foreign student the Singapore Government has made sure that there are quite a number of Singapore International Schools.  There are a number of Singapore International Schools and the foreign students need to appear for and clear a formal examination of the Immigration Department…”

There are 15 different international schools listed in Singapore on this website.

Currently, there are 13 international schools listed in Singapore on International School Community.

Saudi Arabia International Schools

“There are numerous international schools in Saudi Arabia. These schools offer educational programs mainly for the foreign nationals residing in this Middle Eastern nation. Most of the schools are generally non-profit seeking bodies and are governed by private bodies.

International Schools of Saudi Arabia can be classified into three broad divisions on the basis of the curriculum that they follow. The three main heads are U.S. model curriculum, U.K. model curriculum and International model. Though the third one has been inspired by the US model, it also consists of language programs in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic and Filipino.

The international schools at Saudi Arabia offer education from kindergarten to high school i.e., grade 10 level. It offers various subjects including science, arts, music, information technology, design technology, mathematics, etc.

Apart from the academic knowledge, Saudi Arabia international schools also emphasize on extra curricular activities such as sports, arts, clubs, etc. Students are encouraged to participate in various social and cultural events so as to bring an overall change in their persona.

Generally, these International Schools in Saudi Arabia are approved and recognized by some higher educational bodies of the respective country to which they belong. Moreover, they have also obtained the license for operation from the Ministry of education of Saudi Arabia. Though these schools are not allowed to admit Muslims but one can still get admission if the Ministry of Foreign Education at Saudi Arabia permits to do so.”

There are 5 different international schools listed in Saudi Arabia on this website.  Each of the 5 schools also has it own information page which is worthwhile to check out.  The 5 information pages can be found here: Asir Academy, Dhahran Campus School, Yanbu International School, Dhahran British Grammar School, and Jubail Academy International School.

Currently, there are 13 international schools listed in Saudi Arabia on International School Community.

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