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Winter Break Promotion: 25% off All Subscriptions and Renewals!

It is a time of celebration for International School Community as we now have over 46631 comments and over 25671 members on our website….and it is Winter Break for a lot of teachers in Europe!

To celebrate, all members can get 25% off of all premium membership subscriptions from 11 Feb – 25 Feb 2023 (ending 23:59 PST on 25 Feb 2021).

The 25% off coupon code is: FEBWBREAK23

Even if you are a member with Premium Membership already right now, you can still add more premium membership during this Winter Break promotion. Just login to our website and go to the Manage Subscription page, choose the membership option that you’d like, and then enter this coupon code (FEBWBREAK23)Next click on the Make a Payment button to pay either with your PayPal account or without logging in to PayPal and just paying with your credit card.

Once you have premium membership access, please take this time to submit some comments on the schools you know about on our website. For every 10 comments you submit, your account will automatically be updated with one free month of premium membership. There is no limit, too. So if you submit 40 comments, then you will get four months of premium membership added to your account for free!

Check out the many other things you can do with premium membership access:

• Take a look at our Compare School Salaries page. (822 schools with 1614 comments about salaries are listed on this page.)
• Make a search on our Comments Search page. Find the specific comments you’d like to read about, faster!
• See which school fairs better using our Compare Schools page (175 international schools listed)
• Find a new job by using our Job Vacancy page (1000s of jobs have been listed)
• Contact one of our 25000+ members by using our Member Search feature to find someone to network with or ask a question to.
and more!!