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ISC is Back! All Members Get Premium Membership Access in July ’23 + Discount Code Offer

Dear ISC members,

June has been a tough month for ISC. We had to do a major upgrade to our website’s code which brought along with it many bugs to fix! I sincerely apologize for the downtime of our website. It took a long time to fix these things, but now most if not all functions are back working at 100% again. But please contact us here if you notice anything off or not correctly functioning, and we can try our best to get it fixed ASAP. 

ISC would like to offer free premium membership access to all members for the time our website was down/not fully functioning – around two weeks. So from 1-14 July 2023, all members can just log in to their ISC account and enjoy unlimited access to all the unique features on our website.

We encourage our members to use this time wisely and submit comments on the international schools they know about because we also have another offer. For every 10 comments you submit, your ISC account will be updated with 1 free month of premium membership! There is no limit to how many free months you can earn, so submit as many comments as your fingers are able to (remember each submitted comments needs to be at least 1-2 complete sentences long…the more details, the better informed our members will be). * Email us here if your account isn’t automatically updated with the free months as we are still making sure this correctly functions as before.

And there is more…

In addition to the free premium membership access for all ISC members, we would like to offer an astounding 50% off coupon code on all premium membership subscriptions. Select the type of subscription you’d like and then enter this coupon code: JU23LY50 on our payment page to receive 50% off of any of the 3 subscription offers. This coupon code will expire on 14 June at 23:59 GMT.

In the meantime, here is an overview of some of the unique ISC features that require premium membership access:

Keyword Search Feature

Let’s say that you want to read some comments related to the topic of “teaching couples“. Simply enter the keyword/s in the Search Bar at the top of our homepage (or at the top of any page of our website) or go directly to the Comments Search page on our website to search your keyword directly there.

School Comparison: School vs. School

On this page we place two schools’ submitted comments side by side so that our members can make an easy comparison. It is a common request to know “which school is better?”, especially if you are considering two job offers at two, sometimes very different, schools.

The School Comparison page does just that. It places two schools “against” each other to see which one comes out on top. We are not aware of another website that does this!

Compare School Salaries

Yes, we have 1000s of comments about the salary details of 100s of international schools on the ISC website. However, we took it further and made a unique page so that our members can compare these school salary details side by side with other schools. If you are considering working in Shanghai, China, you can now easily search for only schools in Shanghai on this page and quickly compare which school has a better salary package for you.

Job Vacancy Page

Our Job Vacancies feature was launched just over three years ago, but its popularity already exceeds all our expectations. With our members submitting these job vacancies, each of their submissions helps another teacher find new and interesting positions at international schools worldwide. Every job vacancy submission helps schools around the globe reach new people who might just be the perfect fit for the position.

So tell your friends to log in (or join if they are not already members of ISC) so that they can enjoy the
• Two weeks of free premium membership from 1-14 July, 2023
• The submitting comments promotion (10 comments = 1 free month of premium membership)
• And the 50% coupon code: JU23LY50

We appreciate our 26000+ members, and we can’t wait to welcome even more!

We are so happy that ISC is back!