Information for Members

International School Community Advisors Facebook Group

October 28, 2020

International School Community is looking for a group of veteran international school educators to join our new Facebook group. It is called International School Community Advisors.

ISC wants this group to consist of ISC members/Mayors that will actively share their insights and experiences in the international school community.

We would like this group to be an effective way of sharing information and communicating with ISC and each other, discussing important/current issues and participating in requests posted by ISC in this group.

The content that we request you to provide and discuss (your stories, information or experiences) will be intended to be used on our website, respecting your privacy, of course. For example, we might collect information from group members about a certain topic for an upcoming blog article on our blog.

We would also like to improve the user experience on our website, therefore we may discuss about improving our current features and hopefully coming up with some future features for the ISC website as well.

So if you are a Mayor on our website, a long-time member of our website and/or a veteran international school teacher who wants to play a part in the future of the ISC website, then please consider joining this influential Facebook group.