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Winter 2018 Comment Contest: Win a USD 25 Amazon Gift Card!

Following the good response we got during our last comments contest in August 2017, we would like to announce that we are offering a new contest this January 2018 as an incentive for our members to submit MANY comments.


Many of our members want more comments on more of the schools on our website, especially now as many people are in the midst of recruiting. In turn, why not have a strong push for more comments?!

The top six members that submit the most comments (during this January 2018 contest) will win prizes!

contestThe lucky member that submits the most will receive an or gift card + 2 free years of premium membership to our website.

Here are the prize details for all six winners:
1st place gets a USD 25 Amazon gift card (or 20 GBP) + 2 years of premium membership
2nd place gets 1.5 years of premium membership
3rd place gets 1 year of premium membership
4th place gets 1 year of premium membership
5th place gets six months of premium membership
6th place gets six months of premium membership

Contest Rules:
• Submit as many comments as you can about all the schools and cities you know about.

•  You need to submit at least 30 comments to be eligible for this contest and there are 65 comment topics on each school profile page. So if you’ve worked at three international schools, you can potentially submit over 195 comments!

• You will have ten days to submit your comments. The contest lasts from 06 January, 2018 (Saturday) to 15 January, 2018 (Monday, ending at 23:59 PST).  Only comments submitted during this time period will count in the contest. Winners will be notified by email on 16-17 January, 2018 (they will not be announced publicly).

Mayors are also able to participate in the contest!

Things to remember about submitting comments:
• Keep your comments useful and informative for other members. Each comment must contain at least one full sentence (no single-word/short-phrase comments are allowed). The more details, the better.
• All submitted comments on the school profile pages on our website are done so 100% anonymously.
• Repeated comments (submitting the same comment on multiple school profile pages or on the same school profile page) are not allowed.
• Copying and pasting another member’s comments is also not allowed.
• Leaving multiple comments in the same comment topic is not allowed (that is, if the comment dates are within the same days of the contest).
• Comments submitted on the School Walls don’t count in the contest.
• Don’t work at an international school right now? You can still submit comments in the City Information and Travel Information sections of the city you currently live in now or have lived in previously.
For every 10 comments you submit, you will still automatically get 1 month of premium membership added to your account.


So, who will win this contest??  How many comments will the top six members submit??  Good luck!