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New Photo Contest: Your Best Jump Shot While Traveling

We’ve all done it, trying to get the best jump shot photo of ourselves while traveling around in a beautiful location.

jump shot

This begs the questions, why do people even do jump shots? It might be that it shows how much we are enjoying life, especially the expat life.

Or it might be that we get really excited and want to jump when we are in a spectacular place in the world; blown away by the beauty of the world.

Getting the perfect jump shot is also an obsession as well.

You need the right spot, the right lighting from the sun, and a good camera. It is easier if you are jumping solo. With a group though, the challenge is higher to get everyone synchronized into the perfect jump.

jump shot

So when you get it just right (solo or in a group), it is the best feeling ever!


So, what is your best jump shot while traveling?  Submit your photo to us and enter our photo contest! All participants receive free premium membership to our website!

Photo contest topic:
Your Best Jump Shot While Traveling

1st prize: 2 YEARS FREE of premium membership
2nd prize: 1 YEAR FREE of premium membership
3rd prize: 6 MONTHS FREE of premium membership

(Those submissions that are not in the top three will receive 1 free week of premium membership just for participating.)

Send your photo to editor @ Please remember to:

• Write your name and email address
• Attach your picture and write a short description about it
• Enter these words in your subject: International School Community Photo Contest Entry: Best Jump Shot While Traveling


Tweet the photo and mention our profile @IS_Community to make sure we will see it. If you are on Instagram, tag us when you post the photo and/or use the official hashtag #iscommunityphoto

(Deadline to submit your photo: Saturday, 30 December, 2017. Maximum one photo entry per contestant.)

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Photo credits: Pixabay