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New Photo Contest: The Street You Live On (All entries win free premium membership!)

How is the street you live on??

Is it interesting to look at? Inspiring to walk on?

Maybe it is full of trees and greenery, or maybe it is lined with apartment buildings that all look the same.

Where an international teacher lives is important, but you don’t always initially get what you are looking for…your dream neighborhood.

But some international school teachers luck out and find the perfect area to live in which matches their hopes and dreams.

Even if it is not on your dream street, wherever you live often becomes your home. And when you live in a certain area for 1+ years, that area creates many fond memories of that time in your life.

At ISC, we are really curious to see the streets our members are living on. The next time you leave for or come back from work, take a picture with your smartphone of the street that you live on. We’ll have a vote and then chose the top 3 photos that are the most interesting to win the photo contest prizes!

So, what is your best of the street you live on? Submit your photo to us and enter our photo contest! All participants receive free premium membership to our website!

Photo contest topic:
Best photo of the street you live on

1st prize: 2 YEARS FREE of premium membership
2nd prize: 1 YEAR FREE of premium membership
3rd prize: 6 MONTHS FREE of premium membership

(Those submissions that are not in the top three will receive 1 free week of premium membership just for participating.)

Send your photo to editor @ Please remember to:

• Write your name and email address
• Attach your picture and write a short description about it
• Enter these words in your subject: International School Community Photo Contest Entry: Best photo of the street you live on


Tweet the photo and mention our profile @IS_Community to make sure we will see it. If you are on Instagram, tag us when you post the photo and/or use the official hashtag #iscommunityphoto

(Deadline to submit your photo: Monday, 23 May 2022. Maximum one photo entry per contestant.) Winners will be contacted around 4-5 days after the contest deadline and that is also when all participants will receive their free premium membership prizes.

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Photo credits: Pixabay