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How to Get an International School Teaching Job (Youtube Video Highlight)

We recently ran into this guy who made a video series on how to get an international school teaching job; based on his experiences.

In the first video he talks about what type of qualifications that you need. He also discusses the different types of schools like non-profit and for-profit international schools.

The second video talks about how people go about finding these jobs. One way is to use one of the two big recruitment agencies: ISS and Search Associates.  He also refers to some review websites, though International School Community is unfortunately not mentioned!

In the last video, he discusses the timeline that people must follow to be the most prepared when recruiting. He mentions that the recruitment process really starts in September and can go all the way up to July.

Part 4 of his video series talks about the tips for getting an international school teaching job. One recommendation he mentions is to be flexible when job searching. Another recommendation is to keep an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the information you are receiving from each school.

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