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Traveling Around: Florence, Italy (The life of an international school teacher is good!)

October 30, 2013

Traveling Around: Florence, Italy

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Can you relate?

• Trying to speak Spanish (because of a lack of Italian) and thinking that you will easily be understood.
• Paying in Euros, but still thinking in U.S. Dollars.
• Using websites to find the best places to eat at, then arriving to those places only to find that they are too expensive for your budget.
• Roaming around and trying your best to avoid the hordes of tourists everywhere.
• Walking up a grueling 400 some steps to get to the top of the Bell Tower; and being awarded with an excellent view of the city (on a really nice day as well).
• Enjoying the warmer temperatures and appreciating them, knowing that the average temperature where you live is much lower at this time in the year.
• Staying at a cheap, but very unique and cool, bed and breakfast.
• Going shopping in a nearby grocery store, outside of the city center, with the locals…wishing that many of the products were being sold in the grocery stores where you live.
• Searching for the “best” italian pizza only to find just average tasting pizzas instead.
• Taking the time to visit some museums, appreciating the important art history of the area.
• Finding it a challenge to get your daily schedule to coincide perfectly (better) with the sometimes frustrating opening times of the local restaurants.
• Thinking that it was a cheaper option to eat at the Mc. Donalds for a quick bite to eat, only to find out that the prices were WAY above what you are used to…for a fast food place!
• Checking out the pretty amazing outfits of the senior citizen community of Florence.
• Making a mistake by diverting our walk a bit to check out an outdoor market, with the hope that it would have some unique items and not be so touristy….wrong!
• Forgetting to take advantage of our hotel room’s balcony to really take in our location and surroundings.
• Regretting not getting out of the city to really check out the countryside of Tuscany.

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