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  • American International School Abuja

    25 Apr

    "Single airport undergoing renovations. Just reopened after an 8 week closure. Continuing repairs are being done. Customs can be random, but I have personally had no issues up to ..."

  • Academia Britanica Cuscatleca

    25 Apr

    "Health insurance is provided and you pay a small co-op to see a doctor. Private healthcare is good in El Salvador."

  • Franconian International School (Erlangen)

    25 Apr

    "The nearest airport is the one in Nuremberg and you can either drive or take a taxi there, take the bus number 30 or a train to Nuremberg and then train from there."

  • Varee Chiang Mai International School

    24 Apr

    "All Western teaching staff start on the same salary and housing benefit. Increases are awarded bi-annually at contract renewal at the discretion of the owner. "

  • Busan International Foreign School

    22 Apr

    "Clear pay scale.
    More for masters.
    Annual pay raises (not this year though (2017-2018) due to financial difficulties related to declining enrolment)"

  • Regent's School Pattaya

    22 Apr

    "Many people stay as they are happy at the school and enjoy the travel options from Pattaya. People who move on do so for a variety of reasons, i.e. end of contracts, to be closer t..."

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