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New Teacher Orientation is Now Underway: 14 Must-Haves

August 7, 2016

ISCommunity Blog Series Highlight:
New Teacher Orientation Must-Haves at International Schools

teacher orientation

teacher orientation

• Stressing out about what your new international school is actually going to be like once you finally arrive?
• Want to get a good idea of what you can expect (or not expect) during your first few weeks at your new international school?
• Wondering what you can do before and after your move to put yourself more at ease and to be better prepared?

Take some time then to read this 14-part series on our blog:

New Teacher Orientation Must-Haves at International Schools.

1. “A Trip Around the City” –  

2. “A pick-up from the airport from administration” – 

3. “Lunches provided by the school during the orientation week at the school campus.” – 

4. “Help finding a place to live!” – 

5. “An organized trip to help you get furniture for your new home.” – 

6. “A settling-in allowance given to you in cash (local currency)!”  – 

teacher orientation

teacher orientation

7. “A dinner outing with the director and administration” – 

8. “A starter supply of groceries for your new home.” – 

9. “Resource person with a contact number and email address” – 

10. “Getting access to the internet AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!” – 

11. “Beginning-level host country language classes.” – 

12. “A tour of your new campus” – 

teacher orientation

teacher orientation

13. “Learning how to get reimbursed and meeting the business office staff” – 

14. “A sit-down with an admin to go over each part of your contract” – 

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