Bromsgrove International School

Total comments: 45
Last commented on: 19 Nov, 2018
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Region: SE Asia
Curriculum: UK
Number of students: Around 430
Metro Population: 12m
Year founded: 2002
School's nature: Profit
Kinds of students: half local/half int'l

Discover what it's like to work at Bromsgrove International School, a prominent figure in international education. Our ISC platform is specifically designed for international school teachers seeking detailed insights into life and work at various international schools. Explore in-depth reviews and information about Bromsgrove International School, known for its enriching academic programs and vibrant life in Bangkok, Thailand.

Since its establishment in 2002, Bromsgrove International School has stood out in Bangkok. It boasts 45 teacher reviews on our site, offering authentic insights for those curious about teaching in international schools.

At Bromsgrove International School, teachers and students engage with a curriculum that aligns with UK standards, fostering global readiness and holistic development. It's an ideal environment for educators interested in contributing to a world-class education system.

Hosting approximately 430 students from half local/half int'l backgrounds, Bromsgrove International School is a melting pot of cultures and ideas. It's a unique opportunity for teachers to broaden their horizons and gain unparalleled experience in an international setting. Our ISC platform details the school’s diverse environment, making it a top choice for professionals seeking growth in international school teaching.

For those researching "international school teacher reviews" and career prospects, Bromsgrove International School offers competitive salaries and benefits. Delve into the Bromsgrove International School profile on our ISC platform to understand why it's a sought-after destination for educators aspiring to excel in international education.

Interested in connecting with Bromsgrove International School? Visit their official website or reach out via their social media channels for more information. We're here to guide you through your journey in international education opportunities.

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