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  • Vienna International School

    28 Nov (9 new comments)

    "Vienna has a well-developed public transport network. Buses, trains, trams and underground lines will take you almost anywhere in the city in no time at all. A single ticket costs ..."

  • International School Saigon Pearl

    28 Nov (15 new comments)

    "Expat teachers traveled during the end of the term break in October to places such as South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines. "

  • Beijing City International School

    28 Nov (3 new comments)

    "The majority of students are Chinese nationals and you can widely hear Chinese spoken around the school. This may be seen as a negative however with a high emphasis on translanguag..."

  • KIS International School (Bangkok)

    27 Nov (5 new comments)

    "Frustrating to say the least, many big carriers are still not coming to Bangkok. BA for one."

  • Straits International School

    27 Nov (4 new comments)

    "Regional airport-3rd busiest in Malaysia. Flights to 10 countries, mostly in SE Asia, but also, interestingly, Belgium."

  • American International School Vietnam (AISVN)

    26 Nov (3 new comments)

    "Phuc Quoc return HCMC: 2,035,000 VND on Vietnam Airlines."

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