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  • The English Modern School (Doha)

    04 Jun (9 new comments)

    "People stay at EMS because the school is as flexible and supportive as it can be. They care about teachers and will try to help them when needed."

  • Colegio Gran Bretana

    04 Jun (1 new comments)

    "The school helps teachers set up a BanCololmbia account, which is the biggest bank in the country. It is pretty straightforward to receive international transfers. Changing cash do..."

  • Fundacion Liceo Ingles (Pereira)

    04 Jun (5 new comments)

    "Student population has been increasing for several years. Most grades are comprised of 3 sections now."

  • Keystone Academy

    04 Jun (1 new comments)

    "Things are livening up again. Pre Covid days. Lots and lots of things to do all around BJ."

  • American British Academy

    04 Jun (3 new comments)

    "A recent decision by C. Williamson to terminate a teacher's contract two weeks before the end of the year, with little justification or research and above all, threatening to ..."

  • Prem Tinsulanonda International School

    03 Jun (1 new comments)

    "Nice school, nice people but I think you need to do something about the front page of your website. It looks messy with all the university logos. Prem is a good school so the exter..."

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