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  • American International School of Niamey

    23 Jan (2 new comments)

    "Because of the increase in terrorist activities in Niger, traveling outside the city is largely discouraged. For example, unless you appear to be a native, don't plan on any ..."

  • American International School (Abu Dhabi)

    23 Jan (2 new comments)

    "You will receive a deposit very close to $3400/month.

    Utilities are covered at 50%, so you may pay up to $300 for water and electric (have heard of some teachers havi..."

  • American School Antananarivo

    22 Jan (2 new comments)

    "The school offers football, basketball and volleyball along with swimming, tennis and badminton with the first three being the sports where students compete within a league. Slowly..."

  • SMIC Private School

    20 Jan (9 new comments)


  • The English Modern School (Doha)

    20 Jan (3 new comments)

    "When you arrive at the airport, your greeter will take you directly to get a SIM card, and your number is shared so that you are contactable from day 1. There is wifi in the accom..."

  • Lincoln Community School

    20 Jan (8 new comments)

    "The airport is right in town so, even at bad traffic times, it will never take more than 35minutes to get to the airport. Since opening a brand new terminal, the process of checkin..."

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