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  • International School Dhaka

    29 Oct (6 new comments)

    "One aged airport option in Dhaka. It can be quick to get out of after arriving if your flight lands without other full international flights. "

  • ILG School

    29 Oct (9 new comments)

    "New teachers are usually welcomed (picked up at the airport) by the Executive Director. "

  • King's College - The British School of Panama

    29 Oct (14 new comments)

    " I am happy with my children’s progress. The teachers are supportive and know what they are doing. "

  • International School Ho Chi Minh City

    29 Oct (5 new comments)

    "There was a week of orientation which included a dinner on a boat on the Saigon River, a tour of District 1 and its quirky streets and shopping spots. However, with recent Covid re..."

  • KIS International School (Bangkok)

    28 Oct (11 new comments)

    "The school is near the city center, but traffic can make the commute longer than necessary. Taking the MRT reduces travel time. Teachers live in the city center, but teacher housin..."

  • Berkeley International School (Bangkok)

    28 Oct (6 new comments)

    "The students all speak English in the classroom and in the hallways. In the lower elementary and pre-K, there are Thai assistant teachers but that is gone by 2nd grade. Some stud..."

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