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  • Stamford American International School

    17 Jan (8 new comments)

    " Staying - excellent colleagues and students, excellent facilities, great potential to build school culture, curriculum, and develop professionally. Singapore is a wonderful l..."

  • Green School Bali

    16 Jan (4 new comments)

    "The international airport in Bali is quite nice. Before COVID arriving could be a bit of a nightmare due to huge tourist throngs. Expect sometimes a two hour process. Once you have..."

  • I-shou International School

    14 Jan (3 new comments)

    "National Health Insurance in Taiwan is excellent and low cost."

  • Keystone Academy

    13 Jan (2 new comments)

    "You don't live in Beijing, you live in Shunyi. A neighbourhood near the airport with not many things to do. A subway ride to the closest "interesting" area (Wangjing..."

  • The Aquila School

    12 Jan (6 new comments)

    "The school owners are reasonable and generous - most expenditure is approved if it means improved teaching and learning."

  • Chadwick International School - Songdo

    11 Jan (1 new comments)

    "Here is an idea of the salary scale for teachers as of 20/21:
    The entry point with a BA is $46,691, MA - $46,806, Doctorate - $48,916

    The maximum entry point is ..."

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