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  • Taihu International School

    22 Mar (10 new comments)

    "Salaries begin at approx 16000rmb per month (net) and increase according to a published pay scale."

  • Tasis the American School of England

    21 Mar (11 new comments)

    "For the secondary school, I had between 10 and 17 students per class."

  • United World College of Costa Rica

    20 Mar (3 new comments)

    "UWCCR has students from as many as 60 countries. It is not uncommon to has a 20 students in a class from 18 different countries. Both students and teachers benefit from this expe..."

  • Calpe School

    19 Mar (6 new comments)

    "Housing ....the local Estate Agents just sit back and let the money roll in they do no work demand is so high and so are rents. EAs will not consider renting to you for less than ..."

  • American School of Doha

    19 Mar (10 new comments)

    "There is a range of local grocery stores. From cheaper options such as Al Meera right through to a more expensive Mega Mart. Carrefour and Lulu (the two most popular) are somew..."

  • International School of the Hague

    19 Mar (1 new comments)

    "The school is situated very closely to the beach, within cycling distance. "

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