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  • Westhill Institute

    27 Sep (8 new comments)

    "Almost all students are Mexican nationals and default to Spanish quickly. Since many of the teachers are also Mexican nationals, some classes that are supposed to be taught solely ..."

  • InterAmerican Academy Guayaquil

    27 Sep (5 new comments)

    "La Doña is a good Mexican restaurant in the city, which is located in Samborondon. This is a cool part of the city with other good places to eat and a fun environment.

  • Lincoln Community School

    27 Sep (1 new comments)

    "September 1st Ghana re-opens its borders with strict rules about COVID testing compliance. A PCR test needs to be certified 72 hours or less before travel."

  • Oeiras International School

    27 Sep (7 new comments)

    "All "extra responsibilities" are paid as a bonus rather than part of the professional salaries. That means that leadership positions such as HOD´s, Program Coordinators,..."

  • Suzhou Singapore International School

    27 Sep (13 new comments)

    "The "learning pathway" described is mostly just paperwork that many staff don't find very useful and view it as busywork. But the new head of school does want to foc..."

  • Knightsbridge School Montenegro

    27 Sep (1 new comments)

    "KSI Montenegro is located within Porto Montenegro, a luxury marina development in Tivat on the Bay of Kotor. The school is housed in a newly refurbished facility and continues its ..."

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