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  • Beijing BISS International School

    21 Jul (12 new comments)

    "Need to provide receipts. "

  • Dulwich College Beijing

    20 Jul (5 new comments)

    "People leave because of personal reasons ... the dating scene is not great for single females in particular. "

  • Beanstalk International Bilingual School (Kunming)

    20 Jul (8 new comments)

    "Just be aware the Chenggong has only been made part of Kunming City proper fairly recently. It is a fair way out of the city centre and still has a rural population. Don't exp..."

  • Vancouver International School (Greybrook Academy)

    18 Jul (10 new comments)

    "One comment that I hear from people living in Vancouver is that it is tough seeing the homeless problem here. There are many areas of the city that have people laying on the street..."

  • Lahore American School

    15 Jul (16 new comments)

    "Saving between 15k-30k. I can survive quite comfortably on less than 1,000/mo and save the rest."

  • Instituto Anglo Britanico

    14 Jul (4 new comments)

    "They’ll pay for your flight upon arrival, provided you show them your receipt"

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