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  • Albanian College Durres

    09 May (3 new comments)

    "Local staff/TAs are all highly educated, sometimes more educated than the international staff. "

  • Albanian College Tirana

    09 May (2 new comments)

    "So they're offering two different schools and pathways that is confusing. Albanian College will be the international program with foreign hired teachers, and will offer an IB ..."

  • Suzhou Singapore International School

    08 May (1 new comments)

    "The new head of school seems to be choosing ways to not honor teacher contracts. For example, the contract says that housing will be provided for the length of the contract. Our co..."

  • British School Caracas

    08 May (3 new comments)

    "Language lessons per hour (individual) can cost between 10$ and 20$ depending on the rarity of the language (greek is more expensive than spanish)."

  • American School of Recife

    08 May (15 new comments)

    "You need to read and ask questions about your employment contract."

  • International School of Western Australia

    08 May (12 new comments)

    "NO spouse visas or even teacher visas offered. You NEED to be an Australian citizen or resident already."

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