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  • American International School of Rotterdam

    23 Apr (9 new comments)

    "It costs around 15 EUR to get to Schiphol Airport (AMS). There's a local Rotterdam-DenHaag airport but it is way less popular, and Eindhoven airport southeast from the city is..."

  • NIST International School

    22 Apr (4 new comments)

    "The process is pretty straight-forward in most cases as long as you have had your pet given the proper vaccinations and filled out the paperwork. Check"

  • Chadwick International School - Songdo

    22 Apr (13 new comments)

    "No TV is provided in the furnished apartment."

  • International School of Hellerup

    22 Apr (11 new comments)

    "Be open minded. Very important appreciate Denmark and the Scandinavian model and the way how society run here. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Willing to help others. Be inter..."

  • Tsukuba International School

    21 Apr (5 new comments)

    "The school is located in Kamigo, at the far western edge of the city of Tsukuba and next to the city of Joso. Most teachers drive cars to school, but there are a few who cycle and ..."

  • The British School in the Netherlands

    21 Apr (8 new comments)

    "The primary classrooms have access to a number of ipads. They even have tripods to use with them for when students do stop motion videos for example. The students also use the ipad..."

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