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  • The British School in the Netherlands

    21 May (2 new comments)

    "For some expat employees in the Netherlands special tax breaks may be applicable. See (or the Govern..."

  • Stockholm International School

    21 May (11 new comments)

    "I just went into a big grocery story in The Mall of Scandinavia and there were many foreign products there. In the Balkan sections, there were a number of shelves filled with items..."

  • Pan American School of Bahia in Salvador

    20 May (4 new comments)

    "The school recently provided an international health policy for all expats. It is a great plan and very good."

  • Sino-Canada Concord School of Hefei

    19 May (4 new comments)

    "I love the MIXC shopping mall. I go there almost every Saturday evening. Peters is my favourite food place . "

  • Changchun American International School

    18 May (1 new comments)

    "Most of the students are Chinese but, also there is a large German community. There is an excellent ESL support, and students are aware that they need to improve their spoken Engli..."

  • Riffa Views International School

    17 May (3 new comments)

    "There is a BYOD program with laptops and IPads available for student use. Each teacher is assigned a PC laptop. All classrooms have a SMARTboard installed, but there is no traini..."

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