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  • George Washington Academy

    19 Oct (11 new comments)

    "Having come from one of the big high pressure schools, I can honestly say the workload is not hard. Classload is light with only 2 or 3 classes per day, and extra curriculuar are o..."

  • Yokohama International School

    17 Oct (1 new comments)

    "I only started recently but a lot of people are talking about how the team leader for art bullied the old team lead out and was given the head of department over more experienced c..."

  • Berda Claude International School

    17 Oct (1 new comments)


  • Anglo American School of Sofia

    17 Oct (6 new comments)

    "Not at all. Garbage is rarely sorted and dumped everywhere. You can see trash burning in many places."

  • Dubai American Academy

    17 Oct (3 new comments)

    "It's hard to have more than one dependent and work for GEMS in general. GEMS will only provide benefits for one dependent, so everything else is out of pocket. EVERYTHING. Th..."

  • Discovery College (Hong Kong)

    15 Oct (5 new comments)

    "market place & fusion"

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