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  • Esbjerg International School

    07 Jul (5 new comments)

    "Right now in July, it is not very warm at all and I think you are a bit silly to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Even if the sun is out, it can be very windy and also very cold wh..."

  • Pathways World School

    07 Jul (6 new comments)

    "The School has successfully run virtual learning for students before the summer break and are reopening virtually with teianing undertaken by all staff to deliver effectively. "

  • Beijing Haidian International School

    06 Jul (1 new comments)

    "There is a 4000 RMB rent subsidy."

  • Green School Bali

    03 Jul (5 new comments)

    "Sunsets on the beach"

  • Shanghai Singapore International School

    03 Jul (4 new comments)

    "Teachers from over 30 countries work here with a wide range of experience and (lack of) qualifications."

  • The English School (Bogota)

    03 Jul (3 new comments)

    "The workload is very reasonable and most teachers manage to get everything done within the working day (7:30am - 3:30pm). "

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