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Recently updated schools

  • Colegio Anglo Colombiano

    04 Aug (26 new comments)

    "Still skyscanner or expedia. Or straight with the airline"

  • Korea Kent Foreign School

    03 Aug (6 new comments)

    "Incheon now has two terminals. - The bus/subway will stop at both (Approx 5 minutes apart).
    Terminal 1 seems to be Star Alliance
    Terminal 2 Seems to be Skyteam

  • Euroamerican School of Monterrey

    03 Aug (6 new comments)

    "International Airport - just like anywhere in the world."

  • Dubai International Academy

    03 Aug (4 new comments)

    "Safe and clean"

  • Qingdao Amerasia International School

    03 Aug (3 new comments)

    "IB experience is preferred, although not required. Due to visa restrictions, difficult to hire over 59. Very friendly with dependents."

  • Keystone Academy

    01 Aug (1 new comments)

    "The school will now fall in line with local Chinese public schools with regards to opening times and timetables. The new opening time will be August the 31st 2021 and will continue..."

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