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  • Lincoln Community School

    21 Nov (2 new comments)

    "This school is fully accredited by CIS and IB organizations. We just got our accreditation renewed in April this year. With no religious affiliation, diversity in beliefs is great..."

  • Suzhou Singapore International School

    21 Nov (12 new comments)

    "Given that the school is located in China, there's a certain amount of censorship that exists in regards to what topics you can teach."

  • United World College South East Asia

    20 Nov (1 new comments)

    "It's a family-friendly city: zoo, water parks, indoor playgrounds, concerts. BUT lots of things take place late in the evening, as local children are up very late!"

  • KL-Chongqing International School

    20 Nov (3 new comments)

    "Depending on your lifestyle obviously there is a varying level of savings potential here. Cost of living is very low. You could save half your income or more. A family of 4 could s..."

  • Strothoff International School

    20 Nov (11 new comments)

    " I prefer to speak English. People seem to accept it better than my broken German. So much for my efforts. English is not the norm but most people do speak English. "

  • Canadian International School (Singapore)

    20 Nov (6 new comments)

    "Most Asian people speak Chinese in the hallways but that is not an issue."

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    A visit to the immigration office

    18 November 2019

    Last week I had to go and ask for a re-entry permit at a local immigration office. It is an integral part of life for most of expats to pay a visit to this place every now and t...

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    Top 40 International Schools with the Most ISC Members (Update)

    12 November 2019

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    All of ISC's Many Unique Features

    04 November 2019

    So many prospective international school teachers are always looking to answer these two questions: "What is it like working at XXX school?" and "What is it like living in XXX c...

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    ISC Introduces the Newest Comments Page!

    27 October 2019

    On of the most visited pages on ISC is our Recently Updated Schools page. It shows the international schools that were most recently updated with new comments. Now the...

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    Where Do International Educators Go When They Need a Break?

    22 October 2019

    “Taking a year on” is what principal Nichole Schmidt called the time away from her international school position in the article "Taking a Year." Schmidt, with h...

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    Story Journey As a Pathway to Global Citizenship

    16 October 2019

    It was a privilege to speak at the Council of International Schools Conference in Melbourne recently. The educators committed to educating for global citizenship and an ethical ...

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