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  • QSI International School of Atyrau

    15 Jun (4 new comments)

    "There are not a lot of activities to do outside of the school environment. The Kazakhstan people are very big hearted and very generous with what they have. If you become a friends..."

  • Utahloy International School (Zengcheng)

    14 Jun (9 new comments)

    "Zengcheng is out on the outskirts of Guangzhou and the school is on the outside of Zengcheng. The isolation is difficult and being a boarding community makes it even harder."

  • American School Foundation of Monterrey

    13 Jun (1 new comments)

    "There will be no PD funds aside from the individual $500US allotted per teacher, which can be used on a variety of things from wellness to conferences. There is a big regional con..."

  • Riffa Views International School

    13 Jun (1 new comments)

    "The school has just started a large "maker space" they call, "Level 5." The space holds much promise but is little more than some desks, reading nooks, IKEA li..."

  • American School of Dubai

    12 Jun (1 new comments)

    "Do you have a website for The Investment Center for US citizens? I thought American Expats can not open a 401(k) abroad due to the tax penalities on *Foriegn Earned Income Exclusi..."

  • QSI International School of Shenzhen

    09 Jun (9 new comments)

    "You also get a $2,000 contract completion bonus at the end of a contract (in addition to the signing/departure bonus). You don't get paid in the summer, but you get several th..."

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