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  • International Christian School Pyeongtaek

    17 Feb (5 new comments)

    "English is the primary language spoken and the school has an English only policy while on campus and at events to encourage language immersion. Most students are fluent."

  • Green School Bali

    17 Feb (4 new comments)

    "Ask A LOT of questions. We have a new HR staff, and they are still learning the process. "

  • International Community School of Abidjan

    17 Feb (14 new comments)

    "The airport in Abidjan is good, by African standards. There is one restaurant with basic food and drinks. It is clean and organized. It is usually the most busy for night flights. "

  • Western International School of Shanghai

    17 Feb (6 new comments)

    "Make sure you are happy to be a team player. "

  • iSTEK Schools

    16 Feb (3 new comments)

    "İSTEK High Schools have an English Prep Year. Science and Math Courses are provided in English for Year 1 and Year 2. For Junior and Senior Years, they are in Turkish unless the s..."

  • Garden International School Eastern Seaboard

    15 Feb (6 new comments)

    "The school organises a very comprehensive Inset and you get shown all around Ban Chang. Romson's is definitely the gathering spot on the beach if you fancy a nice Thai meal."

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