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  • American International School Dhaka

    26 Jan (4 new comments)

    "There is an increase in duty-free shop in the airport."

  • American International School (Vietnam)

    26 Jan (4 new comments)

    "Likely to see more students with support needs. Primarily learning needs. EAL support is present but poorly directed."

  • St. Dominic's International School

    26 Jan (5 new comments)

    "Maternity benefits in Portugal - 5 to 6 months maternity leave (not all of these are paid 100%). "

  • Colegio Gran Bretana

    25 Jan (49 new comments)

    "Process at the airport is very easy and stress-free, but immigration queue for foreigners may be unnecessarily long depending on the time of arrivals."

  • Leman International School Chengdu

    24 Jan (3 new comments)

    "You can pretty much save $2500-3000 per month on one salary for a family of 4. That depends on your lifestyle."

  • Singapore American School

    23 Jan (12 new comments)

    "Facilities are amazing and varied:
    36 acre campus including a 1-acre rainforest
    3 libraries
    3 cafeterias
    Fitness center and dance studios
    2 outdoor ..."

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