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  • ACS International Schools - Cobham Campus

    20 Sep (2 new comments)

    " No teacher housing suppiled except for boarding staff. Expensive area to live in, 30 minutes by train to central London. No public transport though there is a staff shuttle b..."

  • Baku International School

    18 Sep (7 new comments)

    "Yes, the school values teacher's time and does not fill the week with long meetings and micromanaging. "

  • American International School of Budapest

    18 Sep (4 new comments)

    "Teachers can choose to coach or sponsor an activity if they want to (there is no pressure at all to do so). Some teachers sponsor multiple activities while others don't sponso..."

  • American International School Chennai

    16 Sep (5 new comments)

    "Your bank account will be set-up by our Finance department. "

  • The English School (Bogota)

    11 Sep (26 new comments)

    "Bogotá is a typical international airport. The others are generally much smaller but function perfectly well."

  • International School of Zanzibar

    11 Sep (3 new comments)

    "Stone Town is a World Heritage Site and an absolutely magical place, full of history and culture. The beaches in Zanzibar are considered by many to be the best in the world!"

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