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  • Shekou International School

    02 Jul (7 new comments)

    "The "Shekou Bubble" is real. Within a mile or two of the school is where you'll find nearly all employees and many families living in mostly modern apartment buildin..."

  • Harrow International School (Beijing)

    01 Jul (3 new comments)

    "As far as I know, teachers are not allowed to tutor privately their students after school. There are some options for paid extra teaching, such as Saturday school and Summer school."

  • Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala

    01 Jul (2 new comments)

    "Read through the comments as they give a very accurate overview of the school. There are some detailed reviews on another website which are also worth reading as although they are ..."

  • Haileybury Astana

    01 Jul (10 new comments)

    "Mostly Russian is spoken by the students to other students, in secondary many can communicate in English with their teachers. "

  • Shanghai Singapore International School

    30 Jun (1 new comments)

    "New teachers and some unfavoured current staff have gone into staff apartments. Many teachers have done deals and so kept an additional 18,000rmb/month for a couple. The favouritis..."

  • Woodstock School

    30 Jun (7 new comments)

    "International Travel restrictions remain in place until at least July 31st."

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