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  • Kyoto International School

    18 Oct (8 new comments)

    "I'm telling you, many cities in Japan, including Kyoto, are so clean. There is no garbage on the street, any street, anywhere! It is truly unbelievable. And the thing is that ..."

  • Singapore American School

    16 Oct (4 new comments)

    "Shopping is the national sport. You can travel blocks and blocks and blocks without leaving the comfort of air conditioned malls. There are super, mega-high-end malls, "chea..."

  • Robert College of Istanbul

    16 Oct (12 new comments)

    "Smart screens, MacBook pro air, and a great IT dept."

  • Osaka International School

    16 Oct (9 new comments)

    "To get to Kyoto from center of Osaka, it will cost you around YEN 900 and take around one hour by trains. It is very close!"

  • The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, RDFZ ICC

    15 Oct (3 new comments)

    "Students are very active self-starters, very appreciative of teacher's attention and help. It can get competitive at times as the number of students is quite high, but general..."

  • United World College South East Asia

    15 Oct (10 new comments)

    "The quality and extensive nature of the Service Programme makes this school unique:

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