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Recently updated schools

  • Colegio Roosevelt Lima (FDR) [The American School of Lima]

    19 Nov (2 new comments)

    "Toronto 900USD
    Miami 600USD
    Costa Rica 400USD
    Rio 400USD"

  • Colegio Albania

    18 Nov (3 new comments)

    "The school provides a round trip tick at the beginning and end of each year. My two year contract I had two flights home. Some teacher use the middle flight to go home at Christmas..."

  • American School of Torreon

    17 Nov (4 new comments)

    "When I was there the administration did little to nothing to support teachers. "

  • Cairo English School

    17 Nov (15 new comments)

    "People are leaving because of the low salary, not valued for service and behaviour of the students."

  • 1st International School of Ostrava

    17 Nov (6 new comments)

    "Teachers get laptops and Ipads. There is also a digital board and a projector in every classroom."

  • Edubridge International School

    17 Nov (3 new comments)

    "The school has different types of sports programs like basketball, football and table tennis. Most of the time, students go for football inter school competition."

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    Story Journey As a Pathway to Global Citizenship

    16 October 2019

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