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  • Utahloy International School (Zengcheng)

    18 Feb (3 new comments)

    "Many complete a 3 year contract. About 2 a year break contract. The remaining few are bribed to stay with offers of administrative positions."

  • Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School

    17 Feb (5 new comments)

    "There are a number of single parents who have been hired over the years and continue their services even after their kids have graduated. The school has a supportive environment."

  • British International School of Stavanger

    17 Feb (6 new comments)

    "Teachers pay a reduced fee at the school for their own children. Those with young kids often decide to send them to local schools, which is free."

  • International School of Uganda

    17 Feb (8 new comments)

    "In February this year, the temperature can be just perfect. Especially when it is a bit cloudy weather during the day, the outside temperature feels great. Shorts and tshirt are fi..."

  • College du Leman - International School

    16 Feb (8 new comments)


  • Singapore American School

    14 Feb (2 new comments)

    "I know multiple single parents working at the school."

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