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  • Escuela Campo Alegre

    20 May

    " Spanish is the dominant language. There is a mixed student body but most come from Spanish speaking countries. There is a lot of ELL support. Some students are admitted witho..."

  • International School of Tianjin (IST)

    18 May

    "More and more foreign grocery items are now available in local supermarkets and in the huge shopping malls that dominate the city. However D-Mart, Sam's Club etc. specialize i..."

  • Hiroo Gakuen Junior and Senior High School International Course

    18 May

    "Teachers get 2 weeks in summer, 10 days in winter, and 10 discretionary days. There are many weeks that teachers have to come to work and do absolutely nothing. "

  • American International School of Kingston

    17 May

    "Gustazos has wonderful deals on hotels and restaurants for expats living in Jamaica. "

  • British Columbia International School (Thailand)

    16 May

    "There are about 15-20 local staff as well as about 15-20 foreign staff from Canada, America, and the Philippines primarily. Teachers are expected to be certified educators with the..."

  • American School of Belo Horizonte

    14 May

    "The language spoken, Portuguese. It would be very helpful if you were willing to learn it, most locals we ran into were very nice, friendly, super helpful and assumed that you spok..."

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