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  • Utahloy International School (Zengcheng)

    18 Sep (1 new comments)

    "There are three languages spoken in the hallways. Mandarin, Korean and English - in that order."

  • Norlights International School

    18 Sep (2 new comments)

    "The area around campus is beautiful, forests and a few country style houses. It really is lovely."

  • NIST International School

    17 Sep (2 new comments)

    "With the start of construction on the street the school is located on, the entire schedule has shifted to a later start. Elementary students begin at 8:00 and secondary students at..."

  • American Institute of Monterrey

    17 Sep (7 new comments)

    "H.E.B. is amongst the best supermarket where you can find international food and drinks."

  • Lahore American School

    16 Sep (1 new comments)

    "Pollution is worsened significantly. As bad, if not worse than the worst polluted cities in China. Review the air quality indexes for Lahore, specifically November to February."

  • United World College South East Asia

    16 Sep (2 new comments)

    "The school has experienced a number of changes with Senior Admin moving on to new jobs, but the changeovers have been well-handled and the school continues to be efficiently well m..."

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