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  • International School of Brussels

    19 Sep (15 new comments)

    "The school's calendar is long running from the second to last week in August until the end of June but there is a week off at the end of October, two and half weeks for Decemb..."

  • UCSI International School Springhill

    18 Sep (14 new comments)

    "It is frustrating, long, unclear, complicated, designed to tire you out and make you give up on being reimbursed."

  • Narmer American College

    18 Sep (10 new comments)

    "Class sizes vary from 18 to 26 students across all programmes. Early Childhood and Elementary have the largest numbers with most classes at capacity."

  • Oeiras International School

    17 Sep (17 new comments)

    " There is an excellent public railway and metro system as well as a bus directly two and from the airport. The trains connect all of the outlying communities to one of the sta..."

  • Tokyo International School

    16 Sep (9 new comments)

    "You are expected to be collaborative, inquiry based and be prepared to buy into the IB programmes. The school is quite into the IB"

  • Wycombe Abbey International School

    11 Sep (9 new comments)

    "People think it's okay to touch your children without asking.They also think it's okay to take photos and videos of your children without asking"

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