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  • The British School in the Netherlands

    10 Jul (5 new comments)

    "Once the 30% tax ruling window is over (after 5 years) it is estimated that an individuals net salary decreases by 18-20%. This is often a reason for people to leave the school."

  • Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala

    09 Jul (5 new comments)

    "Morale has sadly hit an all time low even though some of our negative and weak principals left and were replaced by decent leadership over a year ago. The new leadership team have ..."

  • Jumeira Baccalaureate School

    09 Jul (1 new comments)

    "Teachers have to teach 1 ECA after school per week. "

  • International School of Vietnam

    09 Jul (3 new comments)

    "Notice period: You must inform school of your intention of breaking contract by the end of school in December to avoid penalty.
    Side note: You still incur a penalty, so teac..."

  • Keystone Academy

    08 Jul (3 new comments)

    "The location of the school is well placed. It is very near the airport. The location is rapidly developing and in the last year alone there has been a new mall open in 2 minutes wa..."

  • Changchun American International School

    08 Jul (5 new comments)

    "Sending money abroad sometimes is a bit challenging as people who work in the bank are changed continuously and trained, and sometimes you can spend two hours or more when sending ..."

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