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The International School Recruitment Fair Toolkit

January 8, 2016

The recruitment fair season has started!

International School Community is the place to gather information and ease your mind.


Over the past five years, we have amassed a vast array of informative materials for everything to do with recruitment fairs.

The following is a list of all of our materials and statistics to help you stay well-informed:

Hate recruitment fairs, some say they are fun!
Top 10 reasons why attending an international school recruitment fair is super fun!

Think Search and ISS are your only options?
A New Kind of Recruitment Fair for International Schools in Asia

Got multiple job offers to consider?
Comparing the Schools and Comments
• 12 Tips for Selecting an International School

Think living overseas is easy?
Ten Commandments of Relocating Overseas

Get a glimpse of what your new journey to work will be like.
The Journey to School

Want to stay one step ahead against the other candidates?
9 Lessons Learned Regarding International School Hiring Fairs

The survey says!
• On average, how many interviews do you go to at an international school recruitment fair?
• Which international school recruitment fair have you had the most success at?

Why not get firsthand information from veteran international school teacher blogs?
• Three Job Fairs, Three Jobs: An International Teacher Hiring Saga
• Which international school job fairs do you recommend and the job fair circus!
Are you ready? The international school recruitment fair season is a few weeks away! (A Search Associates fair experience)

A director who thinks recruitment fairs are a thing of the past.
“From the Principal’s Office” (A principal working in Sudan)

Now if you didn’t get a job after attending an international school recruitment fair, take a look at the results of our recent survey of our members.

Screenshot 2016-01-08 17.26.21

Almost 40% of people survey said that they got their last job via Skype interviewing; that is basically double the number of people who got hired at a recruitment fair.

Skype is truly the future of getting a job at international schools!

Good luck recruiting this year, everyone. May you get the job of your dreams! And may the schools find the best fit for the positions they have!

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Highlighted Articles

Getting a Job at an International School…in June!

June 21, 2014

Teacher Job Fair

For those of us who have been in the international teaching profession for numerous years, it is still very daunting having to think about acquiring a new international teaching post. There are so many new fresh young teachers out there that are eager to fill the same post that we are vying for and often times at a lower salary!

There are various ways of going about acquiring such a position, one being through attending one of the elusive job fairs that are held each year. These events tend to be pretty much like a cattle call of sorts; in and out of hotel rooms to ‘sell’ oneself to principals and directors from schools all over the world. I myself have been to several and it is a very exhausting procedure!

I have been to four job fairs in my career and I had no desire to attend another one due to the time and effort involved in attending one and not to mention the cost of attending them. I much rather communicate with the schools directly when I see there is a job opening that I might be able to fill. I just kept putting myself out there and had faith that the right job would come my way! I am in no means saying do not attend these fairs, I am just saying I prefer not to go to them.

I feel the best way to see which international schools have teaching positions is to sign up onto one of the various international job sites such as TIE On-line, Search Associates or ISS to name a few. And in recent years it seems like some folks are cashing in on the international job search market and are becoming ‘head hunters’ of sorts to locate teachers for the various openings that are still not filled after the job fairs. Getting your resume/CV on there is of utmost importance. This way the schools can see that you are interested in relocating.

imagesAfter being in the international teaching profession myself since 1995, I have encountered countless connections with educational professionals who are now spread out all over the world. Through these connections I have been able to reach out and obtain inside information on various openings that I might be able to fill. But it seemed that even with these connections I still had a hard time getting a Skype interview after applying to numerous openings.

Just recently, another venue for locating an international teaching post is by joining one of the Facebook groups ‘International Teachers’ or ‘International Language Teachers’. These groups are very helpful in letting one know if there is an opening at their school. It is also a good place for a teacher to post a desired job in hopes that one of the members will know of an opening.

I believe the key in acquiring the desired job is networking, networking, networking! Tell people what you want and keep putting yourself out there. Persistence does pay; do not give up! Those last-minute jobs are out there, you just need to your eyes peeled to your computer screen to locate them. It is possible to get a job in June!


UntitledThis article was written by International School Community member Joni Kerr.

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International School Community is also an excellent place to network with other international school teachers. All premium members are able to send a private messages to one or all of our 7700+ members.

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Survey results are in: On average, how many interviews do you go to at an international school recruitment fair?

March 10, 2013

The survey results are in, and it seems as if most visitors and members of International School Community who voted have had 1-2 interviews when they attend international school recruitment fairs.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 9.58.51 AM

Going to one to two interviews at an international school recruitment fair can probably mean one of four things:

• You probably don’t have very much experience teaching in general and teaching at international schools and are finding it hard to get schools’ attention.
• You have a lot of experience, but you are now very specific on where exactly that you would like to move to next in the world.
• You have a lot of experience, and you are very specific about which top international school that you would like to work at next in your career.
• Or there is a lot of competition this year which means there might be many other candidates vying for the same position vacancy.

Additionally, you just might not be up for going to five, six, seven interviews.  More interview can equal to more stress for you at the fair.  On the other hand, if you are very desirable to international schools at the fair and are open to where you would like to go, the more interviews you secure the better the odds that you will get some job offers!

There are many factors to consider when deciding on which international school at which to work.  Figuring out how and where an international school recruits can prove to be helpful information to know; just so that you are prepared and can make the necessary and appropriate plans.  Luckily on International School Community, we have a School Information section in the comments and information part of each school’s profile page that discusses this very topic.

• Describe their hiring policies. Which recruiting fairs do they go to? How do they typically hire (e.g. face-to-face interview, Skype, etc.)? Are there any hiring restrictions mandated by the country?

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 10.05.59 AM
Taken from the Dhahran Ahliyya Schools (60 Total Comments) school profile page.

There have been many comments and information submitted in this topic on numerous school profiles on our website.

One International School Community member said about working at Misr American College (37 Comments): “M.A.C. attends the Cambridge job fair in Boston which is hosted by Search Associates and they have also attended the Dubai fair. I have seen their ads on TIEonline as well. They will also do skype interviewing. They employ a variety of ways to get their teachers. I was able to bring my spouse when I signed on with them and they helped get his residency. Not sure if they are still doing this though.”

Another member said about working at Seoul International School (69 Comments): “They use Search & ISS and do a lot of recruiting in Canada (all of the heads of the school are Canadian). Last year the HS principal did a lot of interviewing via Skype.”

Another member submitted a comment about working at Colegio Granadino Manizales (43 Comments): “I was hired at the recruiting fair in Kingston, Ontario, As far as I know, they also attend the Iowa fair and some teachers are hired via Skype.”

If you are currently a premium member of International School Community, please take a moment to share what you know by submitting some comments and information about how your international school recruits and what recruitment fairs that they go to each year. You can start by logging on here.

Stay tuned for our next survey topic which is to come out in a few days time.

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