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ISC’s Job Vacancy Feature Update: Earn Free Premium Membership!

February 20, 2019

Our Job Vacancies feature was launched just over one year ago, but its popularity already exceeds all our expectations. With our members submitting these job vacancies anonymously, each of their submissions helps another teacher find new and interesting positions at international schools worldwide. Every job vacancy submission helps schools around the globe reach new people who might just be the perfect fit for the position.

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We would hereby like to thank the ISC Community for all of their 800+ submissions by holding a job vacancy submission promotion. As of 20 February, 2019, the first 10 members to submit a job vacancy will not just get one free week of premium membership (the normal amount of premium membership you get when you submit a job vacancy), but a whole month added to their account (for each job vacancy they submit)!

Submit the job vacancies you know about today and win free premium membership!

Looking at all the submitted job vacancies so far, we would like to share a bit of statistics that we found.

So far 809 job vacancies have been submitted in just over one year.

We have designed the job vacancies page to keep all of the submitted job vacancies all on one page, even if they have expired.  We wanted our members to see which job positions have shown up for a school over time, and how many times a certain job position has shown up over time as well. For example, maybe if the school has just posted about the job position you are looking for last month, that position won’t show up the following month or the following year or two for that matter. Or if the position keeps showing up for a school, one might wonder why that they are consistently having that job available each year. The expired job vacancy postings are clearly marked, so it is clear which ones are active or not.

There have been job postings submitted in a number of countries from around the world:

• Singapore
• India
• Indonesia
• China
• Spain
• Japan
• Hong Kong
• Italy
• Turkey
• Uganda
• Thailand
• Malaysia

and many more…

There have also been job postings submitted for a number of school positions:

• EAL Teacher: Around 58
• Science: Around 55
• Maths: Around 57
• History: Around 7
• Classroom Teacher: Around 37
• PE: Around 18
• Business Teacher: Around 11

and many more…

We are so glad that we have added this feature to our website. If you have a good story of how our posted job vacancies led to you getting an interview and eventually an offer, let us know by writing to us via our Contact Us page.

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