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“Our Little Earth” newsletters: World news for young citizens

November 13, 2011

Want to help your international school students stay abreast of the different events that are happening around the world?  This newsletter appears to do just that.  What is the “Our Little Earth”?  The following is an explanation taken off of their website –

“The world we live in is becoming increasingly small. It is essential that our children are educated about international events and are aware of the different traditions and beliefs around the globe. Our Little Earth helps our kids be true world citizens. It provides them with the power of knowledge so they can be competitive in a very global world, confident about themselves, and respectful of the rich diversity of cultures around our planet.

Our Little Earth was started by parents wanting their kids to be educated about international events, but not satisfied with sources such as newspapers, television, or the Internet. They decided to create Our Little Earth as a trusted source that is age-appropriate and engaging for kids. Hope you will find it useful as well!

Our Little Earth is international news fit for young folks, with perplexing puzzles, fancy facts, and jolly jokes. The news is explained which makes it an easy read. It’s fun and learning for everyone indeed! Once every two weeks by email the newspaper is sent. 8 to 14 years is the children’s age for which it is meant.”

You can check some samples of the newsletter on their website. Seems to be a great resource for not just international school teachers, but for all schools around the world.


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