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How many comments are there in each of the 66 Comment Topics on ISC?

September 22, 2019

We have 66 comment topics on our website in 4 main categories: School Information, Benefits Information, City Information, and Travel Information.

ISC now has over 33000 comments that have been submitted on over 1100 international schools from around the world. Basic and Premium Members can access all of these 33000 comments for free on our Browse All Comments page.

After almost 9 years since our inception of ISC, which of the 66 comment topics are our members submitting into the most? Take a look below at all of our comment topics with the total comments submitted in them at the end of each one. Some of our most popular topics that have over 1000 comments are related to: School building, Accreditation, Hiring policies, School location, Language abilities of the students, Kinds of teachers/staff, Salary, Housing, and Allowances.

School Information Comment Topics (23):

• Describe the different aspects of the school building and the school grounds. Also, describe the surrounding area around the campus. (1467 Comments)

• What types of accreditation does this school have? When is the accreditation up for renewal? Any religious affiliations? (1105 Comments)

• Recent things that the school has taken on (i.e. new curriculum, specific professional development, etc.). (690 Comments)

• Describe their hiring policies and procedures. Share your interview experience. Any hiring restrictions? is there a particular curriculum experience required? How about single parents/number of dependents sponsored? (1456 Comments)

• Describe school’s location in relation to the city center and to the teacher’s housing. How do staff get to school before and after school? (1371 Comments)

• Are the expectations high of teaching staff? Are there extra curricular responsibilities? Describe workload details. (761 Comments)

• Average class size for primary and secondary. Describe any aide support. (780 Comments)

• Describe language abilities of students at this school and what is the “common language spoken in the hallways”? Is there one dominate culture group? (1156 Comments)

• Describe what kinds of teachers work here (local vs. expat, qualifications [or lack there of], etc.) and staff turnover rate. Is there a native English speaker or nationality requirement? Is it LGBT friendly country/school? (1196 Comments)

• What types of budgets do classroom teachers/departments get? (475 Comments)

• PARENTS ONLY – General comments from parents of students that go to this school. How was your child’s education and socialisation at the school? (164 Comments)

• What types of sports programs and activities does the school offer? (643 Comments)

• Name some special things about this school that makes it unique. (654 Comments)

• In general, describe the demeanor of the students. (565 Comments)

• Has the school met your expectations once you started working there? (314 Comments)

• What does the school do to create a harmonious state of well-being and high morale amongst its staff? (362 Comments)

• Describe the technologies available at the school and how people are/are not using them. (437 Comments)

• Details about the current teacher appraisal process. (277 Comments)

• Is the student population declining, staying the same or increasing? Give details why. (414 Comments)

• How have certain things improved since you started working there? (222 Comments)

• How is this school different or the same when compared to schools in your home country? (157 Comments)

• What controversies have been happening lately? Please be objective. (281 Comments)

• What insider information would you give to a teacher considering working at this school? (416 Comments)

• How much curriculum development work are you expected to do? (Atlas Rubicon, etc.) (259 Comments)

Benefits Information Comment Topics (20):

• Average monthly salary after taxes and in what currency (explain taxation situation). How often do you get paid throughout the year? (1237 Comments)

• Details about the staff housing or the housing allowance. If there is no housing allowance, how much are rent costs and utilities? (1234 Comments)

• Average amount of money that is left to be saved. Describe the survivability for a family of four on one salary. (643 Comments)

• Detailed info about flight, shipping and settling-in allowances. Any other benefits (e.g. free lunches, etc.)? (1115 Comments)

• Health insurance and medical benefits. Describe your experiences using these benefits and going to the local hospitals. (947 Comments)

• Ways to make extra money (tutoring, after-school activities, etc.). (410 Comments)

• Information about benefits for teachers with dependents. Describe the childcare in the area. (737 Comments)

• Professional development allowance details. (507 Comments)

• Pension plan details. (588 Comments)

• Describe your experience bringing pets. (240 Comments)

• Explain how salaries are decided (e.g. is there a pay schedule? extra step for masters degree? Annual pay raises? Bonuses?). (522 Comments)

• How do the school’s benefits compare to other international schools in the area/city? (313 Comments)

• How is the school calendar? Is there ample vacation time? (492 Comments)

• What are some things that you need to buy/pay for when you first arrive at the school that you didn’t know about beforehand? (262 Comments)

• Details about the maternity benefits of the host country and school. (129 Comments)

• What is the process of getting reimbursed for things? (166 Comments)

• Details about new teacher orientation. (194 Comments)

• In general, why are people staying at or leaving this school? (292 Comments)

• Details about the teaching contract. What important things should prospective teachers know about? (199 Comments)

• Information on trailing spouses. Can they work under spousal visa (also availability of work) or is it possible to live only on one salary? (35 Comments)

City Information Comment Topics (17)

• Name your favorite restaurants, favorite places to go to and favorite things to do in the city. (552 Comments)

• Locations in the city geared towards the expat lifestyle (grocery stores, bars, etc.). (490 Comments)

• Sample prices for food, transportation, average hourly rates for a housekeeper, etc. (491 Comments)

• Detailed info about lifestyles: singles vs. couples, gay vs. straight, nightlife vs. quiet and big city vs nature. (392 Comments)

• Languages of the host city and the level of English spoken there. (502 Comments)

• Sample activities that you can do around the city? Including ones that you can do with a family (children)? (357 Comments)

• Describe the city’s weather at different times of the year. (549 Comments)

• Places, markets and stores where you can find really good deals. (256 Comments)

• Describe a funny culture shock moment that you’ve had recently in this city. (115 Comments)

• Where did the school take you in the city when you first arrived? What were some staff outings/party locations? (156 Comments)

• What is the best part of living in this city for you? (243 Comments)

• What advice can you give on how to set things up like internet, phone, experience dealing with landlord, etc.? (200 Comments)

• Tell your experience moving your items to this city. What company, insurance policy, etc. did you use? (81 Comments)

• Tell about your experience with the local banks and dealing with multiple currencies. (208 Comments)

• What are some locals customs (regarding eating, drinking and going out, family, socializing, etc.) that you find interesting for expats to know about? (146 Comments)

• Tell about your experiences in the local grocery stores. What can you get or cannot get? Which ones are your favorites. (182 Comments)

• What is the most challenging/difficult part of living in the city? (237 Comments)

Travel Information Comment Topics (6):

• Sample travel airfares from host city airport to destinations nearby. (355 Comments)

• Describe proximity of major airport hubs to the city center and give sample taxi, train, subway and/or bus fares to get there. (496 Comments)

• Popular travel websites to buy plane tickets or tours that are popular for expats living in the city and/or country. (240 Comments)

• Places to travel to outside the city by bus or train. (454 Comments)

• Are there many teachers that travel during the holidays? Where are they going? (290 Comments)

• What are the airports like in this city? (arriving, departing, shopping, customs, etc.) (332 Comments)
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ISCommunity Milestones

Uh-Oh, We Just Passed 15000 Comments!

November 10, 2015


It is hard to imagine that our website now has over 15000 comments!

Screenshot 2015-11-10 17.31.39

Here is a bit of history about how many comments that we have had on our website since our website started back in January 2011:

0 Comments – January 2011
71 Comments – May 2011
939 Comments – September 2011

2147 Comments – January 2012
4578 Comments – May 2012
5965 Comments – September 2012

6767 Comments – January 2013
8004 Comments – May 2013
9109 Comments – September 2013

10018 Comments – January 2014
10689 Comments – May 2014
11455 Comments – Sept 2014

12981 Comments – Feb 2015
15023 Comments – Nov 2015

We would like to formally thank our community of members (now at over 6500!) for submitting all of the comments on our website.  The more comments there are, the more informed our members will be.  Being well-informed is especially important when you are recruiting and really needing to know specific information about the international schools you are considering. International School Community’s goal is to be the ‘go-to’ website for international school teachers!

Want to view all these 15000+ comments?  Check out our Browse All Comments page (viewable by basic and premium members).

Screenshot 2015-11-10 20.02.06

Got a few minutes, login to our website today and submit some comments about the schools you know about! For every 10 comments you submit, one free month of premium membership will be added to your account!

Are you an international school teacher that wants to submit some comments but currently don’t have premium membership?  Consider being a Mayor of a school you know about.  Check out the details here.  All Mayors get unlimited premium membership to our website!

We definitely would like to thank all of our current Mayors for their role in helping us get to 15000+ total comments on our website.


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