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The Journey to School: Cedar International School (British Virgin Islands)

The journey to work is indeed an important one.  The journey though is not so clear for international school teachers when they are looking for jobs at schools in cities/countries to which they have never been.  So let’s share what we know!

One of our members, who works at the Cedar International School (32 total comments), described the way he gets to work as follows:

The road to Cedar International School in the British Virgin Islands

Pastel pinks, oranges and blues line the sky as the sun rises above the lush green mountains. Another epic set of waves rolls over the perfectly sculpted reefs with not another soul in sight. Am I dreaming?!

This is how many of my days start in the British Virgin Islands (aka BVI, aka Nature’s Little Secrets). 

After my 1-2 hour morning surf, I’ll quickly rinse off at home, or just with a bottle of water if I’m pushing it for time.

The drive to school from the West Side (Best Side) of the island takes around 30 minutes. For the most part, I’m cruising down the 2 lane, pothole-scattered west side highway enjoying views of the many small US and British Virgin Islands. Verdant hills dramatically meet crystal clear turquoise water accompanied by a bright full rainbow. Charter boat tourists sail by just meters from the side of the road at times. Sipping my banana smoothie, windows down, music playing and appreciating the stunning natural beauty that surrounds me. 

There are often locals hitchhiking for a ride into town which can provide some interesting connections and conversation to start the day. Plus with all the steep hills and battered cars on the island, you never know when yours will break down and you’ll need a hitch yourself. 

Goats, cows and chickens blocking the road, someone stopping to chat with a mate or the seemingly endless roadwork can make it feel quite slow, but that’s what island life is all about. 

Once I’ve passed through town with very minimal traffic it’s time to turn down the dirt road to the staff car park.

I’m welcomed by many friendly faces and frothing footballing students. Time for my morning coffee and to sculpt the minds of the next generation. 🤙


This Journey to School article was submitted to us by an ISC member.

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