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Do U.S. citizens have to file taxes when living overseas?

April 3, 2022

A general lack of information regarding expat tax filing requirements has often led to incorrect information circulating in expat communities and, as a result, some international school teachers from the USA think that US tax filing requirements are waived when residing overseas.

However, every international school teacher holding a US passport is required to file an annual report of worldwide income that exceeds IRS minimum filing thresholds.

In addition to this requirement, the reporting of foreign bank accounts (FBAR) and foreign assets has become increasingly stringent and requires most US expatriate taxpayers to report such foreign holdings on an annual basis. International school teachers can sometimes have a number of bank accounts in a number of countries, and penalties for failing to report these accounts can be steep.

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TieTax is a full-service tax advice and preparation service specializing in returns for US taxpayers resident overseas. TieTax Service serves clients in over 50 countries and is ready to answer your questions and meet your tax preparation needs.

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Normally returns are filed electronically, signed copies are provided to you via e-mail in encrypted form to preserve your privacy, and a secure bill payment system is used to ensure your personal financial information is protected.

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This article was submitted by TieTax representative Stephen Boush. Please contact Stephen (  for more details on maintaining compliance with IRS and Treasury requirements as an overseas citizen, retirement and investment planning as a US national abroad, or for international insurance needs!