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Save $$$ at International Schools ANYWHERE: Tip #5 (Network with other Super Savers)

As a career international teacher, I am happy to continue this series on Save $$$ ANYWHERE! Last month we introduced the Extravagant Vacations topic as a way for international teachers to save $$.

Helpful Hint #4: Network with other Super Savers

In any country, there is always a way to live economically and save. Asking teachers and administrators is rarely helpful, as they are all part of the same “elite” group. To find ways to live well and save, you must source out locals or other foreigners that have lived in that country for a long time.

If they’re not part of the upper crust of society, they’ve learned how to live like one, without spending like one. This should be part of an international school’s induction program, but unfortunately, they are rarely helpful, as they assume all foreigners are wealthy and don’t mind spending money. Make local friends, search the internet for long-term foreigners, every country has a strategy to live well and save BIG.

It all starts with the understanding that savings is a choice. If you want to experience the high-flying expat lifestyle, with fabulous vacations, and a Starbucks latte every day, you can do that, but that is a choice. A higher salary is not a license to spend money.

Schools that offer high salaries, are usually located in countries with a very high cost of living. Buying from local markets, avoiding the foreign import section in the grocery store, taking the local buses, and network with people OUTSIDE our school community, have helped us exceed our saving goals.

We pride ourselves on being global, and by stepping outside of our comfort zone, we’ve learned that to live well, we don’t have to sacrifice our savings. Pay yourself FIRST, live well, and save like an All-Star!!!

Stay tuned in the future for Tip #6 on Save $$$ ANYWHERE!

This article was submitted by an ISC member and veteran international school teacher. If you are interested in being a guest author on our blog, please contact us here.