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Get to the Comments you Want to Read Faster with our Keyword Search Feature

July 14, 2019

Our Comments Search feature is what makes our website unique.

One major goal of our website is to help our users get to the comments (specific to the topic they want to know about) easier and faster!

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say that you want to read some comments related to the topic of “teaching couples“. Simply enter in the keyword/s in the Search Bar at the top of our homepage (or at the top of any page of our website) or go directly to the Comments Search page on our website to search your keyword directly there.


Then it will take you to our Comments Search results page. There you will find all the comments (out of over 32331+ comments on our website) that have that keyword/those keywords in them. You can also just search by school name here as well, which will show all the comments about that school in one list!

You will find your keyword/s in bold as you browse through all the comments that fit your criteria.

When we searched the keyword “teaching couples” we got 186 comments (up around 100 comments from two years ago!) that had those keywords; ordered by the date they were submitted.

As you scroll down, if you find a comment that interests you and you want to learn more about that school (i.e. check out the other comments about that school), just click on the school profile link to the left of the comment.

Other keyword search results (performed on 14 July, 2019):

Retirement – 279 comments
PD – 442 comments
Save – 536 comments
Relocation – 79 comments
Housing Allowance – 559 comments
Gay – 84 comments
Singles – 139 comments
Salary – 1000 comments
Canadian – 622 comments
Tuition – 478 comments
Happy – 229 comments

Search your keyword here!

We are so excited about this Comments Search feature on our website as it really makes finding and reading comments easier for our members.  It is one of the many unique features on International School Community that makes us stand out when compared to other international school review websites.