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New Photo Contest: Your Favorite Local Grocery Store

Some might say that going grocery shopping in your host country is so exciting!

There are so many new products to look at and try out. Sometimes you get lucky and discover your new favorite local product.

But it is not always that positive when shopping in your local grocery store. Many times products will only list their ingredients in the local language. If you are not able to read it, then for some that means you probably won’t buy it. It is a shame because it is very possible that you will really love it!

There is also the local ‘expat’ grocery store. Maybe that one is your most favorite. Who wouldn’t love a place that sells products from your home country and from around the world? Of course, you typically pay a high price tag for those products. But expats love to treat themselves every once and awhile, don’t we!?

At ISC, we are really curious to see what grocery stores our members are going to in their host countries. The next time you go grocery shopping, take a picture with your smart phone of what it looks like; maybe of the employees working there or you shopping in your favorite aisle. We’ll chose the top 3 photos that are the most interesting to win the photo contest prizes!

So, what is your favorite local grocery store?  Submit your photo to us and enter our photo contest! All participants receive free premium membership to our website!

Photo contest topic:
Your Favorite Local Grocery Store

1st prize: 2 YEARS FREE of premium membership
2nd prize: 1 YEAR FREE of premium membership
3rd prize: 6 MONTHS FREE of premium membership

(Those submissions that are not in the top three will receive 1 free week of premium membership just for participating.)

Send your photo to editor @ Please remember to:

• Write your name and email address
• Attach your picture and write a short description about it
• Enter these words in your subject: International School Community Photo Contest Entry: Your Favorite Local Grocery Store


Tweet the photo and mention our profile @IS_Community to make sure we will see it. If you are on Instagram, tag us when you post the photo and/or use the official hashtag #iscommunityphoto

(Deadline to submit your photo: Friday, 10 May, 2019. Maximum one photo entry per contestant.)

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Photo credits: Pixabay