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New Photo Contest – Earth Day Edition: How Does Your Host Country Recycle?

April 22, 2018

Let’s hope that all of our host countries recycle in some way. If they do, then certainly the ways they do it will be different and interesting.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Figuring out how your host country recycles is another thing. If the directions or letters you receive are in a language you can’t read and understand, then it can definitely be a challenge. But asking around school and maybe even your neighbors can help.

Maybe you pay some sort of a deposit when you buy something at a store that comes in a plastic bottle, then you need to find the place where you can return these bottles and get your deposit back. In other countries, you don’t pay a deposit and thus all your garbage might just go into one big garbage bag. Not the best for Mother Earth. Luckily, in these countries, there might be locals going around to different dumpsters looking for those recyclables. They seem to know where to go and where to get some money for them.

Then again, there might be an easy way to recycle most of the things you are using, but you just haven’t figured it out yet. Years can pass with you not recycling the best way that you can in your host country. Once you find out the way, then you might feel a bit stupid that you haven’t been do it that way since you first moved there!

The ways your host country recycles might be a bit inconvenient for you (or really easy!), but once you get it part of your new routine of living there, then it is typically a snap to recycle all the time.


Tel Aviv, Israel

At ISC, we are really curious to see how your host countries do recycling. The next time you go for a walk outside of your home, take a picture of what it looks like and we will choose the top 3 photos that are the most interesting to win the photo contest prizes!

Photo contest topic:
How Does Your Host Country Recycle

How to submit your photo for the contest?

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Deadline to submit your photo

Thursday, 3 May, 2018. Maximum one photo entry per contestant.

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