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48 Hours Of Unlimited Access For All + Last Two Days For Comments Contest

January 12, 2018

Are you an International School Community member that wants to submit some comments but currently doesn’t have premium membership?

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48 hours of Premium Membership Promotion: Right now EVERY member on our website has premium membership access for 48 hours. Just log on and enjoy free, full access to our website.
This 48 hours free promotion will expire on Sunday, 14 January, 2018 (11:59pm PST)

Don’t forget to submit comments during this time (which are done so anonymously, by the way) because we currently have a comments contest going on!

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The top six members that submit the most comments (during this January 2018 contest) will win prizes!

The lucky member that submits the most will receive an or gift card + 2 free years of premium membership to our website.

See more details and the rules about this comments contest here.

We want members who participate and share what they know to have free premium access to our website. For it is them that keep our website up to date and full of useful comments!

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After you submit some comments, check out the other things you can do with premium membership access:
1. Leave a comment on a school profile page wall.
2. Take a look at our compare school salaries page. (649 schools with 994 comments about salaries are listed on this page.)
3. Make a search on our Comments Search page. Find the specific comments you’d like to read about, faster!
4. Do unlimited school profile page searches and check out our more easy to use/updated school results page.
5. Contact one of our 11900+ members and use our Member Search feature to find someone to network or ask a question to.
6. Check out our latest Job Vacancies (new feature)!