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Top Three Photos For Best Jump Shot While Traveling: And the winners of this photo contest are…

We’re happy to announce the winners of our latest Photo Contest: Your Best Jump Shot While Traveling

First Place“Jumping in the Atacama Desert, Moon Valley, Chile”

jump shot

Congratulations, Kimberlee Peters!

Prize awarded: Premium membership for TWO YEARS on our website!

Second Place: “#pacificcoast #nwusa #americanbeaches”

jump shot

Congratulations, roxanaportland!

Prize awarded: Premium membership for ONE YEAR on our website!

Third Place“Memorable walk on an isolated beach in southern Italy a few year ago. To get a good jump picture it usually takes a few jumps, but believe it or not, this one was the first jump!”

jump shot

Congratulations, Mario Arana!

Prize awarded: Premium membership for SIX MONTHS on our website!

Thanks to everyone who participated!  We have awarded everyone else ONE WEEK of premium membership for participating in this photo contest.

jump shot

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