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New Photo Contest: Your Favorite Mountain Picture

One of the best parts of living in a foreign country is checking out its nature. Going exploring outside of the city you are working and living in is so much fun and is a must do during your stay there.

To bad that these things take time sometimes. Meaning you don’t get to the locations that you have been really wanting to visit sometimes until 2-3 years after having moved there.

JiuZhaiGou, China

But once you do, you find yourself in awe of the amazing country that you are living in; quickly making plans to see even more of your country during your next free weekend or long weekend holiday.

Hiking up a mountain while traveling is so thrilling. At first though you say to yourself “why am I doing this on my ‘vacation’? Why I am putting myself into such pain by climbing this impossible mountain?” But once you get to the top, it is always worth the effort and paid you’ve endured.

Getting a good view of the landscape and connecting with nature is a great way to take a break from your life teaching.

So, what is your favorite mountain picture that you’ve taken in your home country or while traveling?  Submit your photo to us and enter our photo contest! All participants receive free premium membership to our website!

A mountain in the Faroe Islands

Photo contest topic:
Your Favorite Mountain Picture

1st prize: 2 YEARS FREE of premium membership
2nd prize: 1 YEAR FREE of premium membership
3rd prize: 6 MONTHS FREE of premium membership

(Those submissions that are not in the top three will receive 1 free week of premium membership just for participating.)

Send your photo to editor @ Please remember to:

• Write your name and email address
• Attach your picture and write a short description about it
• Enter these words in your subject: International School Community Photo Contest Entry: Favorite Host Country Product


Tweet the photo and mention our profile @IS_Community to make sure we will see it. If you are on Instagram, use the official hashtag #iscommunityphoto

(Deadline to submit your photo: Tuesday, 30 May, 2017. Maximum one photo entry per contestant.)

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