ISCommunity Milestones

The New Version of Our Website Has Arrived! (48 Hours Free Premium Membership For All)

April 5, 2017

We are so happy to announce the arrival of our newly designed website!

One of main goals of this new design was to make our website more responsive on devices and smart phones. We hope you’ll find it much easier to search things and to navigate our 20000+ comments.

We have a number of new features and functions that we’d like to mention as you take some time to browse around our new website:

• The School Profile Overview page is now available to members with a Basic Membership, which also gives all members access to the school Wall feature.  Also on this overview page, we have added an improved function of favoriting a school. Just click the button and the school will be added to the new Saved Schools page.

• The Main Search Bar is now at the top of all the pages on our website. We suggest everyone to use this search bar to easily get to the places on our website that you want to see. You can search a School, a Member or a Comment.

Enter a school name to search our 1900+ school profile pages.

Search a person’s name to find the specific member (out of our 9800+ members) that you would like to network with.

Use our unique comment keyword search feature to find the specific comments and comment topics that you most want to check out. You can also search a school name on our comment search feature to see all the comments from that school all on one easily scrollable page.

Oh, we forgot to mention that the search bar can be used to search our many blog articles when you are on a blog page.

• The new Most Commented Schools page. Check out this page that lists the top 40 schools that have the most submitted comments on our website.  You can also see a random sample comment for each school on the list.

• The Saved Schools page. Add all the schools that you would like to follow here so that you can just go here to quickly see when your saved schools have last been updated with new comments, for example. The number of total comments on each school profile page is there as well along with a link to go to that profile page to read all the comments.

• Our Management Subscription page has also been improved. Now you can clearly see the history of all the coupon codes and payments you’ve made.

• You can now add a Short Bio on your own member profile page.  Why not share a little bit more about each other so as to network more effectively on our website?!

We are actually working on another page for our website that we hope to make live soon. It will be the School Compare and Battle page.  You will be able to select a school from a list and compare that school from another list to see which school information and benefits are better than the other one. We have assigned points to various criteria based on our member submitted comments. The better the benefits, the more points the school gets and the school with the most total points…wins!

So that everyone can check out all these new features and functions, we celebrate with ALL of our members by offering 48 hours of free premium membership to everyone.

All members can enjoy premium access to all features on our website for 48 hours from 5-7 April, 2017 (ending 23:59 PST on 7 April, 2017).  If you are a member with Basic Membership right now, just login to our website and you will have full access to our whole website; including all comments and all of our unique features (Comment Search, Compare Salaries, etc.).

If you are currently working at an international school, please take this time to submit some comments on the schools you know about on our website. For every 10 comments you submit, your account will automatically be updated with one free month of premium membership. There is no limit, too. So if you submit 40 comments, then you will get four months of premium membership added to your account for free!