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Analyzing the School Profiles on International School Community

Using the School Profile Search feature on the main homepage of International School Community, we found the following stats about the 1948 international schools currently listed on our website.  (Updated from our September 2015 statistics – 101 more schools!)

school profile

Total Schools with Comments: 922
Asia: 51
Caribbean: 22
Central America: 29
East Asia: 177
Eastern Europe: 52
Middle East: 127
North Africa: 35
North America: 40
Oceania: 5
SE Asia: 136
South America: 59
Sub-Saharan Africa: 58
Western Europe: 131

(East Asia has the most school profiles that have had comments submitted on them. 2nd place is almost a three-way tie with Western Europe, SE Asia and Middle East.)

Age of School:
Schools more than 51 years old: 427 ( 34)
Schools from 16-50 years old: 722 ( 33)
Schools from 0-15 years old: 799 ( 34)

(Our school database continues to grow!  We have increased around 30 some schools in all age categories.)

School Curriculum:
UK curriculum: 680 ( 50)
USA curriculum: 700 ( 68)
DP curriculum: 573 ( 23)

(The UK and USA curricula school continue to dominate our website.  On the other hand the DP schools represented on our website are becoming almost equal to those two.)

School Nature:
For-profit schools: 887 ( 93)
Non-profit schools: 1061 ( 8)

(Non-profit schools are still in the lead for international schools represented on International School Community.  For-profit schools are still on the increase though!)

School Region:
Schools in East Asia: 267 ( 18)
Schools in South America: 93 (same)
Schools in Middle East: 261 ( 9)
Schools in Western Europe: 285 ( 13)
Schools in SE Asia: 291 ( 16)

(The winner is now SE Asia, but East Asia, Western Europe and Middle East schools are creeping up. It seems as if there are limited options really if you would like to work at an international school in South America as there just aren’t that many international schools there.)

Number of Students:
Less than 300: 962 ( 64)
300-700: 486 ( 18)
700-1200: 258 ( 6)
More than 1200: 242 ( 13)

(There appears to be more international schools with very small student bodies.)

Feel free to make your own searches based on your criteria on International School Community.  You can search using up to eight different criteria (Region of the world, curriculum, school nature, number of students, country, age of school, metro population and kinds of student).  Members with premium membership are able to do unlimited searches on our website.  If you are already a member, you can easily renew your subscription on your profile page.  If you are not a member, become a member today!