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Top Three Photos for Best Vacation Envy: And the Winners of This Photo Contest Are…

January 4, 2016

We’re happy to announce the winners of our Seventh Photo Contest (Best Vacation Envy).

First Place: San Francisco, California

“This photo was taken by my partner and me. It was taken early November where in Poland where I live is cold and moody. I know it is not my winter December photo but more like autumn yet I do hope it is still ok after all California and San Francisco in this case is always sunny.


Congratulations Ewelina Manka (an international teacher working at The Canadian School of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland)!

Prize awarded: Premium membership for TWO YEARS on our website!

Second Place: Palawan Island, Philippines

Secret Cove on Palawan Island in the Philippines!


Congratulations Mike Kim (an international teacher from New Zealand)!

Prize awarded: Premium membership for ONE YEAR on our website!

Third Place: Rincapart of Komodo National Park, Indonesia

This picture is part of my winter break of 2015. I love animals and I thought teaching in Indonesia would provide me that opportunity. However not in Jakarta so, during my breaks I travel to places in Indonesisa that do just that. The photo was taken at Rincapart of Komodo National Park.


Congratulations Wendy Davis (an international teacher working Marshall Islands).

Prize awarded: Premium membership for SIX MONTHS on our website!

Thanks to everyone who participated!  We have awarded everyone else ONE WEEK of premium membership for participating in this photo contest.

Stay tuned for our next photo contest which will happen sometime during the next 2-3 months. Check out our previous Photo Contests here.