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New Photo Contest: Best Funny Sign in your Host Country (All entries win free premium membership!)

September 16, 2015

One of the best parts of living abroad is running into a funny sign in your host country: maybe you see one on a day trip out into the countryside, while you are going out to a restaurant in the downtown area, having a walk around the main tourist area of your city, or even at the international school itself at which you are currently working.

Each country has their own unique signs that catch your attention as a little bit strange and a little bit funny; most likely a sign that you would never see up in your home country…though our home countries have many of their own funny signs!

So, what funny signs have you seen so far in your home country?  Submit your photo to us and enter our photo contest!

Quiet section sign on a train in Denmark

Photo contest topic:
Your best funny sign shot from one of your explorations around your host country.

1st prize: 2 YEARS FREE of premium membership
2nd prize: 1 YEAR FREE of premium membership
3rd prize: 6 MONTHS FREE of premium membership

(Those submissions that are not in the top three will receive 1 free week of premium membership for just participating.)

Send your photo to Please remember to:

• Write your name and email address
• Attach your picture and write a short description about it
• Enter these words in your subject: International School Community Photo Contest Entry: Funny Sign


Tweet the photo and mention our profile @IS_Community to make sure we will see it. If you are on Instagram, use the official hashtag #iscommunityphoto

(Deadline to submit your photo: 27 September, 2015. Maximum one photo per contestant.)

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