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New Survey: What is/was your most successful strategy for finding vacancies for the 15-16 school year?

A new survey has arrived!

Topic:  What is/was your most successful strategy for finding vacancies for the 15-16 school year?

Screenshot 2015-01-11 14.59.42It is hard to know what is the best strategy to use when recruiting. Some might say any strategy that gets you the job!

You can try a combination of all of the strategies, but usually one finally wins over the others in the end.  But which one is the most popular nowadays?

Even if you find the most popular strategy that everyone is using, a strategy that works for one person might not work for the next.  In turn, it is good to use as many as you can.

It is true though that different schools post in different places. For example, mostly British international schools post on the TES website.  It is vital then to check out your top schools and where they are most likely to post their vacancies.

Additionally, there are some schools where no vacancies appear anywhere (or very limited places). These schools might be placing a high importance on whether the school has any personal connection to the candidate. If somebody working at the school already knows/has worked with the candidate, the person just might shoot to the top of shortlist.

Regardless of all the strategies, it is truly all about luck and timing. If you are recruiting this year, are you going to be at the right place and the right time to get the chance to interview for your dream job?

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We actually have a comment topic related this to this issue. It is called: Describe their hiring policies. Which recruiting fairs do they go to? How do they typically hire (e.g. face-to-face interview, Skype, etc.)? Are there any hiring restrictions mandated by the country? 

Right now there are over 839 individual comments (about 100s of different international schools) in this comment topic on our website.  Here are a few of them:

“It does not use the methods of most International or bilingual schools. It is not on Search, TIE, or ISS nor does it use any job fairs. Face to face interviews are for local hires, and skype interviews are common.” – Global Prodigy Academy  (Jeonju, South Korea) – 48 Comments

“The school generally recruits at the Search fairs, in Johannesburg, Bangkok and London. There are some long-term local hire teachers. Many local hires are expats who are here with their partners. I believe they also hire through Skype interviews. There is a good mix of people – couples, families and singles. Recently there have been a lot of singles hired which has put a bit of a crunch on housing.” – International School of Tanganyika  (Dar es salaam, Tanzania) – 130 Comments

“I believe that they usually go to the Search Associates job fair in London. And they hire face-to-face, as well as via Skype. As long as there are valid teacher qualifications, immigration generally gives few problems. When I was hired I received a lot of informative emails that let me know about the school and Barbados. They also gave me the emails of a couple of current staff members.” – The Codrington School (Int’l School of Barbados)  (St. John, Barbados) – 68 Comments