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Top three photos for Best Beach Shot: And the winners of this photo contest are…

January 6, 2015

I’m happy to announce the winners of our Fourth Photo Contest (Best Beach Shot).

First Place: Taken at a beach in Rabat, Morocco.

“I have never seen so many people playing soccer on a beach, also with a huge cemetery in the background!”


Congratulations, Anonymous! (This member wanted to be anonymous in the photo contest.)

Prize awarded: Premium membership for TWO YEARS on our website!

Second Place: Taken on a beach near Hoi An, Vietnam. “My son and I rented bicycles and rode out to the beach just as a big thunderstorm was brewing offshore.”


Congratulations Michael Kelly (an international teacher working at Qingdao Ameriasia International School, Qingdao, China!)

Prize awarded: Premium membership for ONE YEAR on our website!

Third Place: Taken at Ras Tanura Beach in Saudi Arabia.


Congratulations Roaa Taha (an international teacher working at Iman Academy South West, Houston, United States!

Prize awarded: Premium membership for SIX MONTHS on our website!

Thanks to everyone who participated!  We have awarded everyone else ONE WEEK of premium membership for participating in this photo contest.

Stay tuned for our next photo contest which will happen sometime during the next 1-2 months.