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Traveling Around: Paris, France (The life of an international school teacher is good!)

Traveling Around: Paris, France

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Can you relate?

• Forgetting to print some tickets and stopping by at a hotel that wasn’t ours to get them printed.  The hotel printed the papers for free, but we decided to give them 5 EUR for helping us anyway.
• Going to see Versailles and being slightly let down by how crowded the interior was, which detracted from the beauty of the place.  And then realizing that the outside park was actually free (I think it was free).
• Seeing a man at Versailles trying to get out of one of the rowing boats that you could rent and falling straight into the pond water. Embarrassing!
• Walking into a group of ballroom dancers dancing out in a public area. These people were serious!
• Checking out a super posh mall and realizing that there are so many people richer than me! It has a super beautiful ceiling and had an awesome terrace that was free and had great views of the city.
• Finding a new neighborhood to explore and being pleasantly surprised on how cool it was. Finding a hole-in-the-wall restaurant to eat at that was delicious!  No way did I think the food was going to be good there.
• Eating crepes for the first time (in France/Paris) and being slightly disappointed. I guess I chose the wrong place to try one out.
• Going to the Louvre once again, but just walking around the pyramid part and not going inside. Never seems to be a good time to visit the actual museum when you are only in Paris on a short holiday.
• Walking along the Seine and enjoying every minute of it. How beautiful is it to walk along this river?  Every part of it is so nice, perfect places to sit down and just enjoy the surroundings and view.
• Sitting down at a cafe near to a river (not thinking it was really anywhere special), ordering a beer, having a good chat, and then realizing that the beers cost 9 EUR each!  I guess they were more expensive depending on where you were sitting!
• Getting drunk after only one (big) glass of beer and then going drunk grocery shopping in a Paris grocery store. Good times!
• Loving the walking from anywhere in Paris and getting closer and closer to the Eiffel Tower.  It is so cool seeing glimpses of the tower peeking out from behind some buildings, like it is calling you to get nearer to it.
• Using different review websites to find new restaurants to eat at each day, having fun exploring all different parts of the city and being pleasantly surprised at the restaurants that were truly worth the journey to get there.
• Being overwhelmed by the crazy high number of tourists everywhere. So many Americans there, but also there appeared to be people from every other country possible as well.
• Experiencing one of the best meals ever eaten at a restaurant. Paris has so many good restaurants with amazingly tasty food!
• Realizing once again how cool the Paris metro system is. Such great design and art everywhere.
• Going to see Roland Garros for the third time in my life and loving every minute of it! This time my friend and I actually got some pictures with some of the tennis players.
• Meeting up with an international school teacher friend who I used to work with a few years ago, at an international school we both don’t work at anymore.

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