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Top three photos for Welcoming New Students: And the winners of this photo contest are…

September 7, 2014

I’m happy to announce the winners of our Second Photo Contest (How your school welcomes new students and celebrates the cultural diversity of its student population.).

This photo contest was special because the top three winners also received a free book from the author herself (Valerie Besanceney).  The children’s book is called B at Home: Emma Moves Again (available on Amazon). It is a fictional “memoir” about the experiences of a ten-year-old girl and her teddy bear who have to move yet again. During the different stages of another relocation, Emma’s search for home takes root. As the chapters alternate between Emma’s and her bear’s point of view, Emma is emotionally torn whereas B serves as the wiser and more experienced voice of reason. For more information on her book and the topic of Third Culture Kids, please visit her website:

After a lengthy debate with our panel of international school educators, we have decided on the top three photos.

First Place: Taken at DIWAI International Primary School in Tabubil, Papua New Guinea. “The picture is of PNG Independence Day. I was the only teacher who dressed up. I was overwhelmed by the locals generosity and felt honoured when given a special necklace for the dance.”


Congratulations, Robyn Clark!

Prize awarded: Premium membership for TWO YEARS on our website + a free book!

Second Place: Taken in American School in Taichung, in Taichung, Taiwan.  “In the culture of International Schools, a changing student population is one of the few constants. New students are greeted with smiles and students moving back to their home country, or to the next one, are bid farewell with hugs, tears, and even celebrations. This photo depicts such an event, when a well-liked student left before the school year ended.”


Congratulations, Christine Bierman!

Prize awarded: Premium membership for ONE YEAR on our website + a free book!

Third Place: Taken at the American School of Barcelona. “It was a hallway display that changed every month or so. It highlighted 4 students, from 4 different parts of the world. Each student was interviewed and their answers were displayed next to their picture.”



Prize awarded: Premium membership for SIX MONTHS on our website + a free book!

Thanks to everyone who participated!  We have awarded everyone else ONE WEEK of premium membership for participating in this photo contest.

Stay tuned for our next photo contest which will happen sometime during the next 1-2 months.