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Traveling Around: Gurgaon, India (The life of an international school teacher is good!)

Traveling Around: Gurgaon, India

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Can you relate?

• Flying on Etihad Coral Economy class, more comfortable than most of European first classes.
• Changing planes at Abu Dhabi, one of the busiest, but one of the most beautiful airports ever.
• Arriving at Indira Ghandi International airport at New Delhi at 5 AM feeling that outside temperature is already 36°C
• Being picked up by a smiling, chatty driver although he had to wait for you for 2 more hours due to the delay of your arrival.
• Noticing that people are sleeping on their market booths and mattresses randomly placed along the road.
• Going through the metal detector on the entrance of your hotel in Gurgaon.
• Being waken up 3-4 times while trying to catch some sleep after your 10h long flight by hotel staff just to check if everything’s ok.
• Getting a massage at a hotel spa and being treated like a king for a more than reasonable price.
• Driving around Gurgaon during an evening rush hour, seeing many programmers and other workers going home from work.
• Seeing buildings with world’s most prominent IT and financials companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, etc.
• Noticing that roads do not have any strict lanes, no street lights, forcing traffic to a way of self-organization.
• Going to a restaurant and seeing a family cooking dinner next to the parking, feeling ashamed.
• Feeling 45°C and the dry air in the middle of June.
• Feeling a strange smell of organic decomposing in the air.
• Learning about the civic system of India from local businessmen.
• FACT 1: There is no social security number or any other unique number for an Indian.
• FACT 2: There is no institutionalized healthcare institution -> all the medical services are paid in cash (or with credit cards).
• Learning that everyone here has a smart phone, although he/she might not even have a house. WhatsApp and Facebook communication is a must.
• Learning that in the last decade, getting the landline in your house was a cause for a family celebration.
• Eating specifically spicy and tasty food. Not knowing how to use all the cutlery in the right way.
• Getting your body measured for a suit at a local tailor’s shop using the finest Italian and English materials for twice as cheap as in Europe.

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Currently we have 6 international schools listed in Gurgaon, India on International School Community:

 Banyan Tree IB World School Gurgaon
 GD Goenka World School
 Lancers International School
 Manav Rachna International School
 Shalom Hill International School
• The Shri Ram School

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