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Video Highlight: Knightsbridge Schools International (Bogota) (An international school in Colombia)

There are a few international schools to work at in Bogota!  How do these schools stand out from each other?

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Knightsbridge Schools International (Bogota)

The campus looks very nicely taken care of, lots of plants and trees and grass!

Nice to have a code of conduct. Hopefully all students are well aware of it and act on it.

It appears as if they have some cross-grade level lessons, where older students are working with the younger students.  Always a great learning experience for both students involved.

Interesting how they highlight the other Knightsbridge international schools.  I wonder what type of (if any) collaboration is done between all their schools.

Well the languages part didn’t really highlight so many. I think I heard Spanish, English and French.

The after school activities that they showed in the video seemed a bit basic.

So many girls that were in the video, hardly any boys were filmed.  At one point I thought it might be a all-girls campus.

Love the ending when the boy was holding the spinning globe. Great idea!

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