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Top three photos for Best Jump Shot: And the winners of this photo contest are…

I’m happy to announce the winners of our first photo contest (BEST JUMP SHOT). After a lengthy debate with our panel of international school educators, we have decided on the top three jump shots.

First Place: Taken at one of the dunes in Oman

184925_1807438898475_5061575_n copy

Congratulations, Thia Milone!  It was the clear winner amongst our colleagues.

Prize awarded: Premium membership for TWO YEARS on our website!

Second Place: Taken in the city of Petra, Jordan


Congratulations, Nuria Auguet Saubi!

Prize awarded: Premium membership for ONE YEAR on our website!

Third Place: Taken on Tanjung Bira Island, South of Sulawesi, Indonesia


Congratulations, Kristin Sugiartti!

Prize awarded: Premium membership for SIX MONTHS on our website!

Here are some of the other entries to our contest. Thanks to everyone who participated!


We have awarded everyone else ONE WEEK of premium membership for participating in this photo contest.

Stay tuned for our next photo contest which will happen sometime during the next 1-2 months.