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Video Highlight: Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main (An international school in Frankfurt)

December 15, 2013

There are a few international schools to work at in Frankfurt!  How do these schools stand out from each other?

Internationale Schule Frankfur-Rhein-Main (11 Total Comments and Information)

I love how that American kid loves the swimming pool at ISF the best.  Not every international school has its own swimming pool, as we all know too well (teachers in non-purpose built international schools).

Boy this videos looks like it was filmed in the early 80s!

It mentions that they are owned by SABIS. According to their website, they have schools in 15 countries on 4 continents.

I would like to know more about how they place new students based on their knowledge level.  Does that mean that they don’t necessarily place kids with their age-level peers?

Sounds like the curriculum is very rigid. Every lesson of every day appears to be planned out for the teachers. I like how they write the objective of the lesson on the board, good strategy for EAL students.

Academic monitoring system examinations, I would like to know more about what those look like and what the students think of them. How cool that the parents can monitor their kid’s progress on the internet!  I wonder how many parents check that out each week though

Currently on we have 39 international schools listed in Germany with 4 of them being in the city of Frankfurt.  Here are a just a few of them (The number of comments and information that have been submitted for each school is listed to the right of the link):

• Frankfurt International School & Wiesbaden (8 Comments)

• Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main (11 Comments)

• Metropolitan School Frankfurt (10 Comments)

• Strothoff International School (27 Comments)

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