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New Survey: What is the air quality like where you are currently living?

A new survey has arrived!

Topic:  What is the air quality like where you are currently living?


Getting bronchitis for the first time in your life because you are now living in a very polluted city with very bad air quality….not fun stuff.

Not being able to let your children play outside in the garden area of your apartment complex because of the warning on the news about the air quality that day being too high and too dangerous to breathe for long periods of time….very unfortunate.

Not seeing a blue sky for many weeks….depressing.

The air quality of the place you move to is very important to know about and fully understand.  It can truly affect many of the normal things that you do in your daily life.

Is it a factor important enough to consider when thinking about moving to a county with extremely bad air quality?  Some might say YES!

It might not be worth it to subject your body and risk the negative (and maybe long lasting) side effects for a standard stay for an international school teacher (which is typically a 2-year contract).

Let’s not forget though the many cities that have very clean air quality.  That alone could be one excellent reason to stay another year.  It might even be better than the city you lived in back in your home country!

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So, go ahead and vote to describe the air quality in the city you work in.  Go to the homepage of International School Community and submit your vote today!  You can check out the latest voting results here.