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School partnerships valuable learning for growth: visit to International School KEF Nepal from a school in India

September 4, 2013

School Partnerships valuable learning for growth

Being in the education sector provides valuable oppurnities to learn from overseas school interactions. Our school Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad was very fortunate to have its first tie up with an International School from KEF Nepal.

On 2nd November 2012 two distinguished people honored us by visiting our school, Mr. Keshab Prasad Paranjuli (Math HOD/Academic Dean) and Mr.Purna Bhadur Rana (IT HOD) from Karunanidhi Education Foundation (KEF) Nepal.

Mr. Paranjuli and Mr. Rana being welcomed

Observing kinder garden students

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Visiting classes and interacting with students sharing information on Nepal

They viewed our student’s assignments, saw live classes while interacting with them. When the students sang our School Anthem they were very delighted and shared their school anthem with us in Nepalese. They were eager to know more about subjects taught, teaching methodology adopted by teachers, student response, extracurricular activities, special students needs, and corrective methods for indiscipline adopted by our school authorities and our school’s Entrepreneurship programme with the 11th grade students.

The Entrepreneurship programme was a new concept for learning the ropes early in life where the school provides a platform to enable students to start an enterprise thereby forming a real time company headed by a CEO and other employees as they would in a real company. The company decides its name, logo, procures items to be sold to the consumers, markets its products, issues receipts and maintains a log of all transactions executed by the organization. This activity is held on the school campus for a fixed time 1 month duration. As students get a real feel of what it is to be responsible to own something the learning is optimum.

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Inquiring about the Entrepreneurship Programme and School Staff

What I have personally learned from this rich interaction is to know about a country you need to meet the people. People who have a thirst for knowledge continuously keep learning with an open mind and heart. To truly grow as a human being you have to have an open mind with no prior perceptions about countries. Showing warmth towards someone from another country in your homeland in the heart of your educational institution matters a lot and acceptance is everything. Sharing best teaching practices employed in each other’s schools has tremendous learning. Eagerness from our partners to learn about us, our culture, methods was not only very encouraging but also very positive enabling us to have a long term fruitful partnership. I would be forever grateful and indebted to our Nepal school partners for this invaluable experience.

Charmaine Vida Tayal

International School Award Coordinator, Facilitator Projects, Khaitan Public School Sahibabad, India

Email: charmainetayal@gmail.com

Thanks Charmaine for sharing your visit with us!  Currently we have 75 international schools listed in India on our website, with many of them having comments and information that have been submitted on them.  Check them out here.