Traveling Around

Traveling Around: Budapest, Hungary (The life of an international school teacher is good!)

July 2, 2013

Traveling Around: Budapest, Hungary


Can you relate?

• Being thankful that during the whole trip there was a lot of sun.
• Not being thankful that it was so hot all the time, walking around in the heat as a tourist
• Surprised to find many companies handing out bags of drinking water for random passersby to take and drink. Nice!
• Hating that I wore my new, comfortable sandals all day because of the pain they caused my feet…being that I hadn’t worn in the sandals just yet. Ouch!
• Eating at a restaurant in a basement of a normal building that had cool ambience because it was in an old, renovated cellar.
• Going back to a city that I had been to seven years ago with a different friend during a different time of the year. Good to go back to cities you’ve already been to before.
• Trying to find a restaurant that I went to seven years ago, but then finding out that it had closed three years ago. The new owner tried to get us to stay and eat there but it wouldn’t have been the same! 🙂
• Unfortunately sitting across from two Americans during one dinner, there is nothing worse than watching and listening to other Americans while traveling! Ha ha!
• Analyzing the local language and trying to understand it by relating it to all the other languages we know.
• Thinking that the sounds on the underground train system sounded like we were in a circus show.
• Not being able to easily find places to buy tickets for transportation and finding it confusing the limitations of one ticket after you validate it.
• Thankful that the Danube River had gone down a bit after the recent rise in the river’s water level after lots of heavy rain.
• Staying a hotel that looked just like an apartment, with a kitchenette. But then we ended up not ever using it because of eating out so much.
• Going on a ‘London eye’ type ferris wheel that was temporarily in the center of the city to promote their big summer music festival.
• Walking along the Danube during a wonderful sunset and appreciating every moment!
• Listening to a seller talk about his goods at the grand market in the center of the city, and then ending up buying some things from him because he was so nice!
• Trying to use my credit card (no international fees and earning points for free travel) during the whole trip and attempting to not use the local currency at all.


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