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Video Highlight: British International School Phuket

There are so many international schools to work at in Thailand!  How do these schools stand out from each other?

British International School Phuket

It is not so surprising that an international school celebrates “International Day”, but how great that they have such a grand entrance to their school to display all those national flags.

They even set out a red carpet for the event!

What a great idea to have all visitors, important people, etc. sign their name on a huge map stating where they come from. That map could be a great addition to a front hallway display at an international school.

The school population does look rather diverse, even though around half of them are Thai.

Did you hear when the host mentioned about the Prefects at this school?  That seems to be a Harry Potter reference.  Do all British international schools have prefects?

Cool and colourful presentations!  Those costumes looked great, and so did the Michael Jackson impersonator!

How interesting that the more “important” people at the celebration get to sit in comfortable lounge-like chair in the front of the auditorium?

The student band looked and sounded great too!

It is great when a school has a history that started with a “dream”.  And it appears as if this dream really did come true because when you look at this campus in the video, it basically looks like some amazing castle.  Who wouldn’t want to work at British International School Phuket or attend here as a student??!

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